1. megamike

    Length routine help needed!

    Hi guys :) I need people with experience in gaining length to chime in and advise me as to what is the best routine to follow/do including how many days per week,time for routine,how many sets and so on
  2. T

    Can stretching from the base be applied to a new kind of enlargement device

    Now this may be already thought of or an idea already. An idea came to me as I was doing my stretching now I am currently doing footlong which I love but for some reason I decided to grab the base of my penis with one okay grip and right above it not and inch but directly above the other had I...
  3. J

    Even girth out

    Hi guys! I've been doing girth work (jelqing and clamping) and have noticed that the mid shaft girth is significantly bigger than the base and upper part. How can I counteract this? Thank you!
  4. Y

    New to PE

    Hey fellas quick question. I'm fairly new to PE. About 1.5 months. Using lg hanger and VLC tugger during the day every day for about 10 to 12 hours. One hour every night with hanging. Started at 6.5 by 5. My goal is 9x7. Any advice? Changes to my current program?
  5. F

    Phallosan Belt Adjustment

    I just received my PF yesterday, and have it working, but am having a few problems maintaining belt tension. Far as I can tell, you put on the bell, attach it to the belt, pull the belt and adjust the base ring until you have the right tension. Trouble is, at least in my case, I have to keep...
  6. D

    Ms.Dreadman says hello

    Hello So I've always been open with my wife about PE . I'm 7 so she has always told me I don't need it but she understands why i do t . I often am on the forum with her around . One day while messing around she saw the women's influence page and wanted to say hello to you guys . So here we...
  7. S

    My story from tiny to average

    Hey everybody, I am a young male and i am 18 years old! Yes i know i am young but throughout the past year, penis enlargement has become my wonderful fascination! I was a very confident teenager, had multiple partners, and did very well in school. However there was one thing i was extremely...
  8. B

    Is this too much?

    Here is my virtual everyday and most days twice per day routine...I'm just wondering if it's too much(not in time but too much as in am I risking I jury by overdoing it) -Warm up...(shower, warm towel, hot tub, etc) for 6 min with light stretching all angles. (All stretching done below with...
  9. M

    Looking to gain two inches

    First post here, been lurking for a little while and thought I'd ask for some clarification from this helpful community. So, I'm five inches and looking to gain two inches. I'm willing to invest time, effort and money. Gona start jelqing and manual stretching soon, was thinking of buying some...
  10. O

    bathmate girth gains?

  11. D

    Just received my vacutech!! Questions?

    Hey guys long story short back on the grind again. Bathmate didn't work out as have no privacy. Brought a vacutech at the end of November, got held up in customs till last Wednesday. It arrived with half the box missing. I brought the thick wall elliptical system. But only items in box was the...
  12. F

    Beginner help + bath mate

    hey guys! hows everything. been on here for a while, but just started to commit to the begginer routine shown below :Basic Stretching: 3 Sets of each stretch below Behind The Cheeks to the Left: 30-seconds Behind The Cheeks to the Center: 30-seconds Behind The Cheeks to the Right: 30-seconds...
  13. orgasmic19

    How does penis enlargement work and are PI's necessary?

    Okay, from my understanding the penis needs only 24 hours to recover before it's next training session. The tissue in the penis needs to be stretched and expanded consistently for growth. If I am not wrong fatigue plays a big part for maximum growth. And, intensity and proper form play a big...
  14. the boss!

    Fluid retention?

    Is there any fluid retention thread? Or info I should know? Not always, I try not to get to the point of fluid retention, but sometimes I get there. Is it good? bad? neutral? I really don't mind having it unless is gonna delay or hold me from gains.
  15. eugine8plz

    How do you guys like the phallosan forte?

    Thinking about getting a phallosan forte, I was just wondering what you guys think of it?! What have your results been like? What do you like about it? What don't you like about it? Thanks guys!
  16. T

    New to forum and PE

    Hello, Figured I would introduce myself to the community finally 😁 I've been lurking around reading and researching everything about PE that I could find and this is my go to spot for sure 👍🏻 To start I've had a BM Hercules for a couple of months now and...
  17. Big Schwanz Acht

    Reverse Kegel while stretching,

  18. A

    Newbie and lost!

    Heey guys whatsup! Im trying to get in a PE routine consistent, I have started with the stretches: straight forward, right, left, up, v-stretch, between the legs behind, v-stretch. This X2 and each one gets 30 seconds, so a total of 7 minutes of stretching. (during stretches my erection is...
  19. K

    SRT Chart?

    Hi Brothers! Does anyone have a document that has the SRT routine laid out in an easy-to-read single page format or chart? I have printed out the main SRT post, but am looking for something I can quickly use without all of the explanations on it. Thanks in advance!
  20. D

    Possible Bathmate and jelq injury?

    Have done some reading, and can't find much in the following concerns. Have done wet jelquing in the past, and nothing else. No injuries then. Fast forward to three years later, and wanted to try the Bathmate x40 for diameter gains. Have been using the X40 for eight weeks, three to four times...
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