1. A

    Am I Jelqing Correctly? w/Vid

    am i doing this right? Skin moves a lot. Also what would cause more stretch marks? Jelqing or Bathmate? 461
  2. sceptic

    Newbie here, just bought a bathmate x30, need a routine and some advice

    So I bought the x30 about two weeks ago. Used it every other day to avoid overtraining and just get the little guy used to it. I've seen so many different routines floating around I really don't know what direction to head in and I'm just looking for something safe and basic to get the ball...
  3. R

    Can I get away with just jelqing and stretching?

    I bought a bath mate x30. and I'm still getting accustomed to it I use it about 5 minutes a total of 6 times so far. Then Ill jelq for about 10 minutes after before I go to bed. The bath mate is cool and I have been able to get pretty good pumps it just always leaves me with a ache or funny...
  4. L

    Using the PC muscle to push the tunica

    Another random curiosity. I've noticed there are some guys in ���� who look like their dicks are literally just strong as hell. You can see the muscle that's insanely beefed up. I'm figuring that if you work out your PC muscle enough and the right way, you would be able to get that muscle to...
  5. S

    10 INCH JOURNEY MOS DVD purchased:D

    bought your dvd(liked the option of video) because i read much about you and wanted a set routine by the master dld himself . i have been doing pe for about 6 months(because of ed from test pills which i stopped and now can get hard) and my estimated girth gain is .5 if i remeber correctly...
  6. W

    Pumping With Vacutech For Perm Girth Gains

    Will pumping at 7hg for (2) 20 minute sessions do me any good? I gain a good .75 in temp girth. I start with 35 Jelqs, and before my second set ill do 35 more & 35 to finish it off after last set. total of 105 Jelqs Ive been consistently doing this right before my girlfriend gets home from...
  7. R

    Help on my path to a bigger me

    Ok well Im new to this and still very lost after being a lurker for a very long time. I decided to speak my peace and bass in the glory of having a bigger dick. I have tried so many pills just for them not to work and leave me in a state of never seeing my goal. I hope here will be the step and...
  8. O

    alpha jelg

    been reading up on dld's SRT program but not sure on a couple things 1. how to do a alpha jelg 2. how many days a week should the SRT program be done tks
  9. D

    semi erect

    Hello everyone. I have been a member for almost a year now but recently browsing the forum a couple months ago learning what i can. This is a great place. Anyway i started doing DLD newbie routine plus added bathemate session. I do the 3 sets of stretches then followed by 10 minute Bathmate...
  10. M

    MIJO's Progress Thread

    Hello I Am new to site and i been using Bathmate for 8 weeks, I had some problems with him, red dots on my penis but that disapear after i started doing jelqin after a 15 min Bathmate use (150 jelq) its great i fell the blod in my penis i thinks this is good and its going to help me PLS...
  11. K

    Jelq- Just pulls my penis skin and scrotum skin forward

    So I'm reading articles on jelqing, and when I try it it just just pulls my penis skin and scrotum skin forward and I'm thinking how is this helping me if the only stretch I feel is in stretching the skin and pulling the skin forward? I put my fingers around my dick in a ring and...
  12. M

    Super Frustrated!

    I've been at the Penis Enlargement game for over a year. Still no gains! I did routines on and off for awhile, no I wasn't steady with it. For the last 6 months I have been though, still nothing. I'm about 6 1/4 L x 5 1/4 circumference. What I do is: stretch with DLD's newbie routine (up...
  13. R

    Need Girth!!!!!

    Hey everyone this is my first post so i dont really know how this all works but...i need girth. I started at about 7x5 and now im currently at 8x5.25 thats mseg and i really wanna get that up to at least 6...any pointers would be or supra a pointer would be helpful...and supra...
  14. S

    A Question of what to do.

    Hey guys, I've been really thinking and going back and forth about getting the devices and doing the routines, but I don't know if it's really worth doing. My wife tells me that I'm almost too big and I'm just average. I'm around the 5' and the 6 inch mark. I don't know because I haven't...
  15. J

    Cementing gains

    Hello All, I was curious what is the best way "cement" gains? Is there a method to this? I am interested in getting a Bathmate and I am pretty close to hitting the purchase button (not that you guys care or anything... :-) ) But I would like to know a way to make sure that if I do gain...
  16. J

    Question on gains from bathmate

    Hello All, I've been lurking around the forums for the passed week or so. I am finding very interesting things about guys that are able to gain inches in length and girth which is very motivating. I am below average which sucks and I have an amazing wife... so of course I'd like to...
  17. A

    Jelging for enlargement - Many questions.

    I've been talking to random people and looking around on the web and I've found millions of articles that conflict each other and really dont make that much sense when you put 2 and 2 together. It equals 9 or 10 not 4. I want to clear up my questions so I'm asking people who have made gains...
  18. L

    no hardness

    soo the thing is that i think im gaining inner penis where the base of my penis meets my pelvic bone....i feel more penis...i do feel it coming out...but in return my hardness is going down dramtically...and i also noticed that i dont have strong morning what can i do....i do kegals...
  19. L

    PE gym

    its seems the guys on the site Penis Enlargement gym use routines that are very light and say less is more....while on this site the routines are a liitle bit more heavy....for example the newbie routine on here is far more advance then theirs...can some one tell me why?
  20. H

    What do you think about penis cream?

    I want to buy some penis cream,can you tell me from your own experience,which cream shoul i buy? i need it for enlargement,of course...i now that the cream alone will not help with it,but i want to use like supplement.
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