1. L


    its seems the guys on the site Penis Enlargement gym use routines that are very light and say less is more....while on this site the routines are a liitle bit more heavy....for example the newbie routine on here is far more advance then theirs...can some one tell me why?
  2. H

    What do you think about penis cream?

    I want to buy some penis cream,can you tell me from your own experience,which cream shoul i buy? i need it for enlargement,of course...i now that the cream alone will not help with it,but i want to use like supplement.
  3. G

    A few questions about the bathmate & pe

    If anyone could answer these that would be great :) 1) I've read on these forums that you should be erect when entering the Bathmate even though the Bathmate instructions say to enter flaccid. Does it make a difference either way? I ask because everytime I've used the Bathmate I've done so...
  4. DLD

    Bathmate and Newbies, How to Make Huge Gains Fast!

    Get a Bathmate Hydromax, Bathmate X-40 or Bathmate X-40 Realize Instant Usable Size! Perfect for Girth and Length Expansion! ORDER DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER USING THIS LINK I thought I should make a post on this topic as I get many questions about the Bathmate and newbies wondering how to...
  5. H

    Pumping routine?

    I started 2 weeks ago again with 10 min pumping on 5 ?what should i do...can u help me with routine....????
  6. T

    A Couple Newbie Questions

    Hey guys, just wanted to start off by saying hello and tell you a little about myself. You can call me Nick or new guy, doesn't matter. I am 20 years old, have known about Penis Enlargement for a while now but never took it seriously but its time I did. I am 5'11 185 pounds and for years I...
  7. R

    Prostate Massagers Anyone?

    Has anyone here tried the Prostate Massagers from Aneros yet? From what I've read I'm seriously thinking of getting one to supplement my Penis Enlargement and get harder erections, etc. Just curious if anybody here has experience with such things. ?:(
  8. T

    new to use bathmate, + jelq

    hi forum. i have use the batemate 15min every day a week now, i get some ringmarks becouse the girth grow so much. try to avoid them with vaseline inside the Bathmate. how long time shall i use it before i can see gains, im 5,5 inch 14 cm i do jelg after ca 10 mins, i havent see any gain yet...
  9. zenjamin

    Extenders/clamping question.

    Hello. Im not quite sure where to start, so I will just start. I measure at about 5.8. Girth is abit above average though. Anyways, I am here because I am interested in gaining some mass. However, my goals are modest compared to most of you. I mainly just want a woman to be able to look at me...
  10. P

    what iam doin wrong

    hey guys iam back at pe since 3 weeks but i still see no change, only negative one. its harder to get hard, no morning wood. i dont get it what iam doin wrong my routine: 15min dry jelg (where i kegel clamp at the base with hand and jelq 2 sec/ 80% erect) 5 min stretches
  11. H

    If u doing 1 set of pumping what is more good?Jelg before or after?

    That's my i said i am newbie in pumping...tell me should i jelg before pumping or after?or before and after? p.s And give me some routine.... i want to start with 1 set of 10 min pumping(more time gradually)3-5 hg 100 jelgs before and 100 after?
  12. I

    Always Problems with my german Dick!

    Hey guys i'm from germany so first of all, please excuse my bad english;) real quickly i want to introduce myself or better said my pe story. i have been working on my dick for now 2 years, with all my break times and injurys. from the beginning on my only goal was/is to achieve FG and maybe...
  13. P

    phallosan, review

    Hey! I´ve been a member on this site for about a year and would first like to thank dld and many others for a great service. I´ve been looking for static stretchers for a while seeing as i live with a bunch of people its hard to get the privacy needed for the exercises. I have previously...
  14. P

    Needing help

    Im a personal trainer for around seven or eight clients. Im 5 7' 155 pounds with a body fat percentage of 8. I have a few problems. I still have a rather large fat pad i cant get rid of? any suggestions? Another probelm i have is isac is very high up on my penis. Is there any way of getting your...
  15. A

    how to make sure the base of penis gets thicker too?

    hello all, im a noob measuring in at 7.5x6, and am starting to tinker around with this p.e. stuff as I'd like to make the move on up to huge. From what i gather jequing is more for the thickness of your penis and stretching is for length correct? my question is how do we make sure that...
  16. B

    Someone explain to me supra slammers, please.

    So he says 30-45 minutes for one thing, I tried this out and I got over an hour. But that's a different story, I'm slow, and I think I am doing something wrong. <i>Start to Masturbate while squeezing your PC muscle a lot, short fast squeezes, (aka) Ballooning, try to get to a 100% erection...
  17. M

    Need post-op PE routine. PLEASE READ!

    Hi! First: some facts: Age: 21 BPFL: 3,0“ NBPFL: 2,6“ FG: 3,7“ BPenis EnlargementL: 4,9“ NBPenis EnlargementL: 4,5“ EG: 4,5“ I am planning to having a penis lengthening surgery done this summer, and I am trying to plan an effective Penis Enlargement routine tailored to perfection...
  18. T

    Keeping Penis Consistently Hard

    What's up, guys? I'm having trouble keeping my penis at a consistent level of hardness. I know when one jelqs it's necessary to be at least semi-hard, if not close to fully hard, but during any given jelqing session, I'm usually only at about 30%. Can anyone give me some advice on how to...
  19. P

    Born to Gain!!

    I must be born to gain. Its in my jeans. Still gaining in maintain mode. Anyone have similar gains. My thinking is all the Penis Enlargementing I did for 2 months is still causing gains. I Penis Enlargement'd last Monday and then today. Another gain! Yup I am well over a 1/2 inch gain...
  20. I


    Does it matter if you do the jelqing motion upwards/downwards or straight out and does it make a difference to your overall results. I tend to find it easier to do it downwards as i cant seem to get a good enough grip upwards. Thanks
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