1. J

    Scary long red marks? Please help ASAP

    Hi. I've been doing Penis Enlargement for about 2 weeks, just little stretching & jelqing.. Yesterday I realized that I have some thick red lines next to my balls. I looks kinda scary and I don't want to have them to rest of my life. I attached 2 pictures of it. Please help me <:(... Sorry for...
  2. B

    Girth, Girth, Girth?

    I have been Penis Enlargementing for about a year and a half and have made some gains in length. It takes a while but length isn't much of a problem for me. But girth seems to be the hardest for me. What are some techniques that I can use to gain more girth. I am about 7 and a half in length...
  3. T

    The journey begins!

    Hello Everybody! well i guess i should say that im on my way to a bigger me (hopefully) I started jan. 22 and i have been basically doing the basic jelg about 100+ times a day with one day off. im going to start off slow and add more techniques to my routine soon. My starting stats are...
  4. Super

    I have Peyronies Disease.

    I have been gone for a while, I have been diagnosed with Peyronies Diesease. I need help. I really dont know what to do about this.
  5. S

    any ideas

    ok i started hanging btc a while ago with some jelg and gained 1 inch. Im asuming that was a newbe gain. Then i took about 5 month of now im back at it for over three months and have not gained anything.>:( my routine is hang in the am 3 sets of 20 minutes up to 18lbs in the SO posistion...
  6. Q

    Basic Jelqing without lube?

    iv been working on Basic Jelqing when i get out the shower, i really dont have time to do jelqing unless i wake up an hour earlier. i do not have any lube (as of now ) and im on a tight budget so i dont want to spend money on that right now. do any of you Basic Jelqing without lube...
  7. W

    small red spots on head

    Hi, I am somewhat new to Penis Enlargement and I've practicing fairly regularly for about a month now and I think I am seeing and feeling a difference. I was originally at about 5- 5 1/2 in. and my short term goal is 7 in. my long term is 9 in. I do have one concern, it's that on the head...
  8. T

    Which exercise is best for gaining girth?

    Is jelqing best for gaining girth? I'm more into gaining girth than length, also I have just started the newbie routine, and my dick feels bigger just after two sessions, is this just my imagination?
  9. nelnellynelson

    pump power jelg

    I have found out that if you pump and jelg at low pressure by pumping and pulling upward at the sametime that man it forces your veins to lookreal big. i have been doingt this for a little while. once i figure out how to post pictures i would post.
  10. W

    My penis head got smaller...

    Please take your time to read this and help me out, i really really need it, thanks :) I was doing my routine (warm up, stretch, 300 3 second jelqs, cool down, 2 days on, 1 off.) and after i noticed that the head of my penis was smaller, it didnt just feel smaller but you could actually tell...
  11. D

    Post your gains here

    I was thinking that it could be a good idea to make a thread in which all the vets and succesful Penis Enlargement`rs write down thier gains and how long it took them. Think of it as an inspirational thread for all newbies and hard gainers. Thanx.
  12. B

    NEED GIRTH, Doing Clamping, Slow Squash

    Hello fellow Penis Enlargement Family, going to start a log sometime today... Wanted to see if I am doing the right Exercises. I want to put on 1/2-1 inch girth in a Month or less. My Routine is: A.M. 5-warm up 20 Min Jelg. 20 min Claps w/Slow Squash Rest 5 min with jelg 20 min Clamp...
  13. I

    NEWBIE!!! jelq probs

    hi guys! right, im new over here. and i just decided that i gota get my penis bigger, its just not nig enough. i started doing jelqs, but then they kinda hurt hen you push the blood towards the head, is that normal? (penis is erected)
  14. M

    quick question.. are gains permanant?

    Are Penis Enlargement gains permanent? So say I'm at 5.5x4.5 now and in 5 months I reach 6.0x5.0 and I decide that is big enough, and stop Penis Enlargement'ing, will it be permanent? Or will I slowly go back to my beginning size? I'm sure this is asked a lot and I did a search, only found...
  15. N

    Varm up and stretch?

    When i P.E i varm up doing my jelg exercise and varm down. But do you have to varm up and down, when you are streching for your length??? Im talking about the newbie rountine streches
  16. R

    DLD, Clamping for Length?

    Since DLD is the Penis Enlargement master I will direct this question mainly at him, but anyone is welcome to answer aswell. I have a thoery that is you clamp and then do your length excersises that it could be benificial for length. I base this on the fact that clamping may be helping to...
  17. P

    Different types of PE

    What are the different ways to enlarge the penis? Well here are the ways I know... Penis pump -only temporary and can cause some deformity Penis Enlargement surgery - dick gets ripped off for 1inch length increase Fat deposit surgery - fat placed in penis for extra girth, only temporary...
  18. P

    65 Days of PE = nothing

    I'm on Day 65 and I am still the same size. Girth 4 inches Length 4 inches I jelg, stretch, kegel, and pump <:(
  19. P

    What do you think of my routine?

    Hey all I just wanted to hear so comments on my rountine. Please tell me if there is anything that I can do to help me reach my goals faster. Lets see here, the last couple of days I had sex twice and jerked off twice. I have been not doing exercises for the last 4 days but I am starting...
  20. B

    Me and Wife Seperating for 7 weeks--Help! NEED MORE SIZE!

    Hello all Newbie here... Tried a few pay sites and didn't help... I am about 7 length by 5 Width... Would like the Best exercise to get to a 8x6 in the quickest way Posssible... I can dedicate an Hour a day 5-7 days a week.. Trying to save marriage, want to give her somthing more Special...
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