depression meds

  1. T

    PE, EQ, and Depression Medication?

    I have been a phantom penis enlargement enthusiast for about 4 years now, starting out with a bathmate, being a noob, and forgoing all the rules (bad I know). I am 5'8" and my starting size is unrecorded though I believe it to be EL 5" by EG 4.5"/ FL 1.5" FG 1". I was a beast in bed, going...
  2. T

    If u care to read (depression)

    Hey everyone, this is very outspoken for me to write something like this & I hope I dont delete before I post. Over the past 5 years I think I have been depressed. I say "i think" because I don't know what depression is defined as. I thought this term "depression" is a term used by the weak & I...
  3. D

    pirapisms and pallor

    i used to get alot of short priapisms, like they would last 2 hrs or so and then go away for a few hrs, then come back. this was because of my depression medication (which made me even more depressed, and really horny) now my head is like really light, i thought this looked healthy, so i didnt...
  4. keepingitbig

    Is Weed Bad?

    I recently smoked weed after quitting for almost a year. Didn't feel right at all. We were at the party too. Just didn't feel like what I use to use. Well, after two-weeks of being away from it, I started feeling urges for more. Is this common with Weed? Is it true that it'll lead to...
  5. DLD

    Ever Get Caught Doing PE?

    I always wonder who has gotten busted in the act. Have you ever been pumping, clamping, jelqing, hanging, etc. and gotten caught? Somehow I got through my years never getting caught, don't know how.
  6. 3

    thank you all (please read my friends)

    i just wanna tell my buddys on here that I thank you for all of the help and advice you have given me over the last 6 months or so on life and giving me your help in dealing with it. i just got to caught up in all of it and let things bother me way more than i should have. its so easy to do, but...
  7. P

    considering surgery for extremly sweaty hands

    i have had this condidtion where my hands and feet sweat alot im mean theres literally drops of sweat coming off my hands sometimes. its called palmar hyperhidrosis and up until recently i thought it was just me, i never knew it was an actuall condition. theres a few differenent treatments but...
  8. 3

    Being depressed sucks.

    I am now on 150mgs of Effexor a day. The meds are helping a ton, but I just dont know. I have changed alot in the last few weeks and feel more free than ever, and I really dont care about anything other than what makes me feel happy. This is good but could also be bad. I go back and read some of...
  9. 3

    Is it wrong?

    To like how being buzzed or drunk feels? I find Im a happy drunk person and like how it makes me feel. My wife is also fine with it. So far it isnt a problem with interfering with other parts of my life such as work or being a husband/ dad. I just really like the feeling over being depressed...
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