The Rules of the Stripper....



This post is mainly for the younger guys...seems like the younger guys are usually the more naive types in strip clubs. Then ones I've been to anyway.

1) Just because she calls you "baby, sugar, honey, etc." does not mean she wants/likes you. How do you think she pays her bills? It's in her best interest NOT YOURS to make you think she likes you. She just wants your money.

2) If she sits in your lap...same deal as above. She just wants you money.

3) If she asks you to buy her a drink...same as above. She does not like you. She is usually required by the club to sell a certain number of drinks per night or, she owes the club money out of her pocket.

4) She is not looking for a man. She most likely already has a husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or, all of the above AND, a kid or two. She's working to feed her family.

5) She probably snorted a few lines before she started her that glazed over look in her eyes...yet again does not mean she wants you.

6) Her daddy probably beat/molested her. This is why she dances and likes men waving money at her. Helps her feel empowered somehow.

7) If she looks 21 and tells you she's working her way through college...she's most likely 36ish and...well, see #4.

8) Borrowing from comedian Chris Rock...there is absolutely NO sex in the champagne room.

9) If you DO ever score some ass from a stripper it is most likely because she is "tricking" ....(prostituting) and, probably has a venerial disease. Any bragging rights you think you might get from scoring with a stripper are not worth the VD you may contract.

10) She may look great in the club lights and all...but, trust me, she HAS stretch marks and scars you just cannot see them.

That's the best I can do for now.
Rule # 11. (Most Important)
If she say's she Knows Jaz she is Most Likely Telling you The Truth.
Originally posted by Jaz
Rule # 11. (Most Important)
If she say's she Knows Jaz she is Most Likely Telling you The Truth.

...oh yeah I just remembered Joey Crack, all the guys from BDP, Will and his best friend, Useph, the K-9 Posse, and Snoop.
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