1. D

    BIB Hanger causing Urethral Stricture? Urologist thinks so

    So I got a very bad UTI (presented no symptoms until it spread to kidneys and then I was in a world of trouble). When men get UTI's it's serious biz. All my tests proved negative (BPH, kidney issues etc) so I sat down with the Urologist to go over what is going on. I told him I penis hang...
  2. D

    Anyone get a UTI hanging?

    Got some blood in my urine,went to the doctors.I have a UTI. Anyone here get a UTI from hanging? I wonder if I am constricting my urethra too much?
  3. bluetard117

    25 years old and incontinent

    Hey all, So this has been going on for about a month now, and it's totally fucking me over. I got what I thought was a standard UTI a few weeks ago, in the middle of my spring break. I found myself leaking a bit, and it really concerned me, so obviously I immediately went to the doctor to get...
  4. A

    Ok To help with UTI or std ?

    Ehhh so my oenis has been itchy and now small amounts of pus is comming out. Think and hope its a UTI. Ok to keep jelqing? It's only like 5-10 min every other day
  5. C

    Pge-1 Question

    I just ordered a bottle of 2mg pge-1. From what I've researched the recommended initial dosage is 5 mcg. If that's true then I would add 4ml of BW and then take 1 iu? That means the bottle would last for 400 dosages? Let me know if this is correct or if I'm way off. I posted this in the...
  6. youknowme123321

    Penis Extender Application...My Brand New Way!!! VIDEO

    Hey Guys. So i had an idea last week to improve my extender. I use a slider extender (LOVE IT). What I now do provides more surface area for gripping of the extender to my penis wrap. This allows me to use less pressure when pulling the strap so I get less chance of cutting of circulation and...
  7. Lightning

    Pistachios for Harder Erections - Study Inside

    I started my Pistachio Diet yesterday to see if it improves E.Q. I am eating 4oz of Pistachios everyday. I have good erections now but I want to see if they can improve based on this diet. Pistachio Diet Improves Erectile Function Parameters and Serum Lipid Profiles in Patients with...
  8. T

    Masturbation and damaged dick

    I started to masturbate extremely fast and got a huge orgasm. I had damaged my penis and feel painful. Is this normal??what should i do?/ Help please....
  9. N

    damaged urinary tract?

    I've had this strange pain from my urinary tract, lasting now for two weeks. Nothing has changed, and I'm starting to wonder wether I've managed to damage it somehow. If I hold one finger over and one finger under my penis and press very softly together, I can certainly feel pain. It also hurts...
  10. D

    I need an advice

    Well, i know this forum for a mounth and i want to start doing pe but i dont know where exactly to start. I am 6" inches while erect and dont have any tool to use but my hands. What should start with?
  11. F

    substituting v jelqs

    HEY guys,im new to Penis Enlargement,i did it like 2 weeks and coming back now,i would like to know,ive doing JP routine,but i have some trouble doing v-jelqs due to having foreskin,i would like to know,since i want to focus on length,could i substitute the v jelq for something else?,what would...
  12. Zambrodom3

    Kiss the premature ejaculation GOODBYE!!!

    Hey guys! This is another one of my "kiss the.... goodbye". Since premature ejaculation is something a lot of men are experiencing it has become a huge problem for not only men (whose confidence might be screaming for help), but women as well (they do not get what they want). This is a huge...
  13. Vociferous

    Baby powder causing white urine.

    Ive been reading that baby powder can cause urinary tract infections. It is not advised to put baby powder near genitals. Alternative to baby powder? Anyone else experiencing white urine? Anyone ever got UTI from P.E? Thanks V.
  14. W

    Bad, Bad Day

    So today I woke up with a urinary tract infection. I've never had one before, and let me tell you, it is terrible. I thought I was going to vomit from the pain of urination when I first got up. My whole body hurts, and I have a fever of about 101. I started seeing blood in my urine as well, but...
  15. K

    blood from penis after pressing it hard

    hi long and short i have been pumping penis for more then one and a half year .. though very much in bearable limits.. here it is morning .. i pumped this night . at approx 1 am .. and was feeling insomania .. couldnt sleep .. so i killed the time on net.. til morning at 5:45 approx i went to...
  16. L

    The future of penis enlargment

    Am curious as to what people think this will entail... :blush:
  17. Exiled15

    My urethra itches like crazy!!!!!

    I have been stretching a fuck ton in the passed 2 months and have been having this reoccuring problem... Lately it has gotten even crazier itchy and all I can do is massage the urinary tract from the outside which feels great ,but am curious if anybody else has experienced something similar????:(
  18. K

    Need help!!! BLOOD COMING OUT OF PENIS!!!

    recently i have been doing sum DLD blasters and look down & notice a little of blood coming from my penis head.What should i do and am i griping the penis right(by the glans or under)please help!!! <:(
  19. J

    What should I do to get started?

    I have a power assist and I want to start a routine. I'm just not sure about exactly what I should be doing to start out. I'm 6.25 nbpl and my short term goal is to hit 7 inches and long term goal is to hit 11 inches I am willing to dedicate myself to a routine as long as I have some guidance...
  20. T

    Proper Eating

    I&#8217;ve written a detailed thread about a healthy diet when I first joined the program MOS: old thread. Now that it has been a year later I think I will go back through a couple things I found useful/helpful. When I joined I think I was a little over 220lbs. I had some pics of myself up here...