Some way to land a job eh??



Wrong Number Gives Jack Napier His Big Break


(Wireless Flash) -- A real-life Dirk Diggler says he owes his career in porn to a producer who called the wrong number. 24-year-old Jack Napier got his start in X-rated movies when a porn producer named "Gigi" mistakenly called him offering work. Napier didn't realize the job was for adult films but was so desperate for work, he asked for an interview and bragged about his computer experience. After he figured out she wanted a different kind of "hard drive," he still wanted to audition.

Napier says he landed the job after revealing his manhood -- which he claims is "the size of a woman's forearm." He now supports himself by working only seven days a month in films like "Black Up In Her" and "There's Something About Jack."

Although Napier makes a living making love to beautiful women, he admits he's still shy when it comes to meeting girls.


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Jun 20, 2003
Interesting. The porn industry is nearly impossible for a man to break into these days without a connection to someone in the business, from what I understand. A coworker of mine has many connections in the business, but has no interest in actually doing anything hardcore. It wouldn't be my cup of tea either.
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