poll!! would you have surgery if you had the cash

poll!! would you have surgery if you had the cash

  • slice and dice my dick as long as it comes out bigger!

    Votes: 1 3.7%
  • HELL NO!! no knifes going near my pride and joy

    Votes: 26 96.3%

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Jul 7, 2003
If you had the cash would you have surgery to increase your penis size?
Absolutely not..... already heard too many horror stories on that one!
MAYBE. Only under a couple circumstances. 1) Doctor was the best I could find and, had plenty of references and, I could meet with a few of his "success stories" and, get their personal testimonies. Then, assuming I had the $$ probably. What surgery? Probably ligament relocation.
Hell no, Penis surgery only increases Flaccid Size so their is no point.

Anyway I shudder at the thought of anything sharp near my Penis.
Right now, I say no way in hell. I would really have to see no results with extensive NPenis Enlargement work before I'd consider it. I don't see this is a likely scenario, because DLD seems quite willing to work individually with his MOS members and I'll consult him if my work yields nothing. There could be a physiological problem that might make surgery the only option at which point I'd have to look really hard at the risks and qualifications of the surgeon.
I read a story of a guy who was 7"EL, well he wanted more so he had surgery and they gave him a extra inch. Now he had his 8" member he became a stripper and one night before he dressed up as Tarzan he checked his member and it was turning purple and had bent into a banana shape. This in turn recked his sex life and he had to quit his job. Also every half a year he had to have "boosters" on his dick which cost him £500 each time.
Everyone's heard a story about something extreme happening. Exceptional instances surrounding an ordinary procedure. They're like shark attacks, you've heard of them, but will you stop swimming in the ocean now? Will you stop eating chicken if I told you someone choked on a bone? Bottom line is that if the procedure was so unsafe, then it would be made illegal. I think that everyone here believes in Penis Enlargement, and that they can get all the gains they need from it, so you're not likely to find many surgery supporters on this forum.
MMcLean, you probably have a pretty good point. If the procedure was consistently harmful, it would be outlawed. However, there are many surgical procedures (and I'm talking elective procedures) that have real risks and are given the green light by the AMA. I don't know what the numbers are, but I would say you have a lot more to worry about in terms of potential disaster when you go in for a dick lengthening versus getting your tonsils removed.

The biggest factor is it just can't promise all that much. I've seen the ads in the magazines and they talk about length gains of around 1". Well, there are thousands of guys that have used NPenis Enlargement and had much more significant gains. And while there are injuries to consider, most I've read about seem to be minor and temporary that are easily treated with a little rest and time off. I have yet to hear from anyone that says NPenis Enlargement has totally ruined his life and destroyed his penis.
even if the surgery's chance of going wrong was 0.000001% i would still be scared, its just the fact of having my penis "cut open" thank god i found NPenis Enlargement:)
Hell Yeah! I would have the surgery if God was doctor. If anyone one else......NOPenis Enlargement!
The only surgery I would consider is the alloderm girth surgery. Even then, I dont know if I would get it. I've seen pictures of the before and after and it usually makes the glans look small in comparison. Could have just been the swelling from the surgery, but it sure did look funny.
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