Older Women


Jun 13, 2003
My question is how to make it with an older woman?

I am 30. Just turned 30 to be exact. I am just or have been curious as to how to approach an older woman.

I have never had a problem getting the women. However, I have been out of the game for two years now. However, that is another story I will share later to give good insight for the fellows.

Anyway, does any one know what I am saying. Women practically throw themselves at me everyday. However, I have the game. I just do not know how to relate to older women.

Does anyone know what I mean?
Do not be frighten by my question? Older to me could mean by ten years or 11.

Ok, means this question should be redirected towards the older dudes.

I mean wiser dudes.
I don't know if I can help. I pretty young (18), but here's what happened with me.

When I was 14/15 I had a year long relationship with a 30 year old married woman, with kids. I have NO idea how it happened. She was really hot and seemed happily married. All I can think of is that some older women like younger guys because they may be more fun or less serious than older guys. You know...an entirly different attitude that goes along with age. I know my example is VERY VERY extreme, but the same should apply to most older women/younger men. And I guess that the woman I slept with had some psychological issues to be sleeping with a 14/15 year old. Go figure
And by "more fun" and "less serious", I don't mean immature. Just a more free-spirited, easy-going attitude that is attributed to younger males.
Older women are flattered by the attentions of younger men. It can be a real turn on for them. You don't have to be as indirect as with a younger woman.
i say just mack on the the way that you would a younger woman. they have sence of humors and they are still sexual beings so.....just make her feel younger, sexy and desirable. that's what most women want anyways i think.
Yep older women like attention too and, to made to feel desireable. Some older women will stay away from younger men ...perhaps assmuming they are immature...who knows. Older women are usually "more intune" with their bodies and knowing what they like sexually. So, they can be more fun sometimes. Just depends on the woman. As far as what approach to use...just be yourself, dont go out of your way to impress her. Try to notice if she's "old fashiond" like...man makes the first moves....man opens the door....that type of stuff. Many times just paying attention to the way she talks to and reacts to others will tell you all you need to know. Do your best to relate to her...find some common ground. It's like meeting anyone really. I'm sure youve met a total stranger before...say at a doctors office in the waiting room (ok maybe a korny example) and struck up a conversation with that stranger and parted ways feeling like youve met them before. Introduce yourself ...."HI" is a great start then, just get to know her. Just because she's older doesnt mean you dont share commonalities.
Also, try checking on places like kazaa for Major Mark's "Scoring with Married Women." It's a 47 page book. Interesting reading for all those MILF hunters out there. :)
when i'm married i'm hopefully not going to worry about it because by then i'll have a big fat DONKEY DICK :p
I'm 31. I date a woman who is 41 now. I havent't fucked her yet (meet her a week ago) but she's fuking awesome. Used to be a natural bodybuilder so she's got a perfect body and looks better than most of women in their 30's.
And it's a nice change to talk to somobody who has lots more experience in life that I do. She's calm, mature and knows what she wants.
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