My Wife Keeps My Penis When I Die!


Jun 13, 2003
Like most of you, I have spent a lot of time enjoying my penis and testicles. It seems that we really are born with our favorite toys attached to us.

I decided years ago that when I die, I don't want my penis and testicles to go to waste. I feel they are too good to be tossed out. My wife is really interested in keeping my penis and testicles, should I die before her.

The question came up: Just HOW does one keep a human penis and testicles?

We've checked into that, and have learned much. In fact, we have discovered that there is a process called "Plastination" (look it up with a good search engine on the Internet - lots of info). The Plastination process is high-tech, costly, and requires a lot of time and experience. But the end result is an anatomical specimen that is non-toxic, safe to handle and examine, retains all the tissue to the very core, retains all the detail (wrinkles, freckles, moles, etc.) and most importantly: is extremely durable! Your treasured cock and balls can be processed and can last forever!

To make a long story short: My wife and I have decided to start a new branch of our biological supply business, and are offering to take a deceased (or live, for that matter) man's penis, testicles, scrotum, and even pubic scalp, if you wish, and plastinate them as a wonderful, intimate memento for your wife, significant other, friend, or even relative, to keep .

Please don't take this as spam, or a commercial promotion. I just have to think that others out there have to be as fond of their "packages" as I have always been of mine. And, why should you work a lifetime building a penis and testicles you love, only to let them go to waste.

Shouldn't they be preserved and kept and enjoyed by someone they mean a lot to?

If anyone would like to know more, e-mail me. We have just started this in cooperation with two highly experienced plastination labs here in the USA. No web site - yet.

Like life insurance, there are things a guy wants to know that are important and are going to be taken care of. Your penis may be one of them.
OR, you could just go to and, order one of their kits. Much much less expensive and, it will last just as long if not longer! Dont take this the wrong way...I'm just trying to save you and some other people some money. ;) ;)
Actually, I've already gone the rubber and cast plastic replica route. Several years ago, a mold was made from my penis, and was used to make a product line of rubber dildos by Doc Johnson Enterprises out of LA, Calif. Several hundred thousand exact copies of my genitals were sold around the world.

No, it's my REAL, ACTUAL penis and testicles that I am so fond of that I don't want to go to waste when I die. I have a few possessions that are special. Like a gold pocket watch I inherited from my grandfather when he died.

I have been especially proud and fond of my male genitals most all of my life. Sound familiar? To me - and my wife - they're special. She wants to keep them, should I die before her (she's ten years younger) - and I want her to have them, to continue to keep and enjoy as a memento of our intimate and fun times together.
I think it only makes sense if you have a penis you're not ashamed of. If your dick is puny, twisted, bent, or otherwise funny looking, you probably don't want to leave it around.

ON THE OTHER HAND... If you've been blessed with a prefect set of genitals, or if you've worked really hard to make your package into something that is really nice looking, I think you have a right to be proud. And, if you're one of the lucky few with a good mate, they just might want to keep your best parts!

Makes perfect sense to me.
Mmm would be better if I sell replicas of my cock once I get to the size I want..girls enjoying my coxk worldwide LOL
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Mmm would be better if I sell replicas of my cock once I get to the size I want..girls enjoying my coxk worldwide LOL

I might have mine auctioned at Southerby’s LOL
I might have mine auctioned at Southerby’s LOL

DLDs cock for one 100000 million,DLDs cock for onemillion
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