My own tips for motivation


Jun 3, 2003
I suffer from ADD (attention deficit disorder) and that makes me so damn lazy. The first thing that come to my mind when i have to do something is that i can make it later (which in fact means never). And that's the same with Penis Enlargement but i have found a solution that works for me.
You all know that i'm a nice guy (just kidding) and i really want to share this (if it work for me.....).

This is pretty simple in fact, you will have to begin...a journal, a diary in which you will wrote every event of you Penis Enlargement life everyday. You can write it on paper or make a word document that you will left in your computer (which you can hide somewhere and name it like you want).
Wrote the date, the exercices you have made , how many, how you feel when your workout is done, no need to write a novel just one line or two, be positive about what you have made because YOU MADE IT. After a few day you will be proud of what you have made and that you have been consistent with it!!!!
Yea man I pretty much do what you do. Keep a log of all my workouts, sets done, total time...then I figure up the total time done monthly. Helps a lot. I've got enough to motivate me that I dont need much if any to stay focused. In fact if I even think about skipping a day...unless of course it's unavoidable...which does happen sometimes...I tell myself what a lazy sack of sheeit I'm being and that's enough to get myself back in gear.
Haha yep add is real I was suggested to do right now I m like should I have a BM. Session nah I better have it tomorrow morning lol
Being motivated means to want something more than you don't want it and be willing to do anything to get it. Let me relate this to something else in life for a different perspective on the same type of motivation. Defined Abs; some men want a 6-pack so badly that they have it. They took the necessary steps to get the results they desired. Some men want them pretty badly, you can see some results but not what they could have. These people have desire but only a half hearted effort is put forth and the results are apparent. Some men want them, they notice them in other men, every-time they see a copy of Men's Health they reaffirm their future commitment to get them but to date they have not started. Some men don't give a shit and there are other, be it a rare few, that were born with abs of steel.

All of this is true in Penis Enlargement and it is the very essence of motivation. We are always looking outside ourselves for motivation when the root of our motivation lives in our desire for the said accomplishment.

Visualization is a wonderful supplement to motivation but BE CAREFUL! Too much visualization can lead to procrastination and instead of motivation you get justification and eventually this leads to missing routines. Have a schedule, just like anything in life that is important, schedule your Penis Enlargement. You would not leave a date with a hot chick to chance, would you? When the time comes to do your Penis Enlargement, get psyched, do a quick visualization and get to work. Don't test the waters...JUMP RIGHT IN! It always amazes me but some of my best, most memorable Penis Enlargement sessions were the ones I did not want to do but once I started turned out incredible. Don't allow yourself to miss a session because at the given time you don't feel like training, jump in and start, you may discover an awesome session in lurking in your procrastination.

When I want something bad enough and I am truly motivated I get it...plain and simple. No matter what it takes I am willing to do it. Whether it be a girl, car, job, a bigger penis...whatever. So you may ask, Ok Mike, then why don't you have everything in life? That ones easy, somethings I just did not want bad enough. During those times I wanted something and was considering all of the factors that were involved with attaining that particular thing, that very moment I weighed how much I wanted it and how much I was willing to sacrifice and I decided I did not want it that bad. I forged an attitude about that thing and my degree of success with attaining it is directly related to the importance it plays in my heart.

So many guys ask me how to get motivated in Penis Enlargement and my biggest advice is to want in bad enough. Think about the last time you were falling in love and the things you were willing to do to make that relationship work out. Apply the same dedication to Penis Enlargement, do it with the same desire and put forth a comparable effort and a bigger penis is yours.
Yep. MOTIVATION is the fuel that gets the engine started, and keeps it moving. DISCIPLINE is the vehicle in itself, and all of its working parts. You must first get motivated, and then DEDICATE time EVERY DAY, which is CONSISTENCY. Much like fatigue in a hanging session, DETERMINATION is your foot on that pedal, and you MUST RIDE IT THROUGH.

So, my brothers, drop that shit into first and put that pedal through the floor, but DON'T FORGET TO SHIFT!!

Yep at the end of the day things aren't as great,I have followed your advice most of the time just grabbed my old LM n have a session.. Same thing with the BM.vusualization n time both are key too
People should keep adding to this thread on what keeps them motivated to help other brothers here stay in the game.
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