My own tips for motivation

Jun 3, 2003
I suffer from ADD (attention deficit disorder) and that makes me so damn lazy. The first thing that come to my mind when i have to do something is that i can make it later (which in fact means never). And that's the same with Penis Enlargement but i have found a solution that works for me.
You all know that i'm a nice guy (just kidding) and i really want to share this (if it work for me.....).

This is pretty simple in fact, you will have to begin...a journal, a diary in which you will wrote every event of you Penis Enlargement life everyday. You can write it on paper or make a word document that you will left in your computer (which you can hide somewhere and name it like you want).
Wrote the date, the exercices you have made , how many, how you feel when your workout is done, no need to write a novel just one line or two, be positive about what you have made because YOU MADE IT. After a few day you will be proud of what you have made and that you have been consistent with it!!!!


Yea man I pretty much do what you do. Keep a log of all my workouts, sets done, total time...then I figure up the total time done monthly. Helps a lot. I've got enough to motivate me that I dont need much if any to stay focused. In fact if I even think about skipping a day...unless of course it's unavoidable...which does happen sometimes...I tell myself what a lazy sack of sheeit I'm being and that's enough to get myself back in gear.
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