MEN can enjoy this anytime & anywhere

Hello guys,

I would like to ask if you know someone who is interested to enjoy the sex machine. It is portable, so you can bring it anywhere that you wanted. I can resell mine to the person who interests in this machine. I bought this sex machine from vrinnovations, but I cannot use it because I don't have a private place to play it on my computer when my roommate there. I have shared a big room with my roommate. I like this sex machine, but I cannot use it. I only can do pe in the shower in the bathroom. This sex machine is new and it includes: computer receiver, Software, movies to choose girls to enjoy, cable, mechenism chamber, lube, anti solution cleaner, etc. email me to let me if you are interested, thank you.

I paid this sex machine about $400, you can own this sex machine for $100 + $19 UPS shipping, thank you for your interest.

TennisNut said:
I'm certainly not interested in it, but how do you know he is spamming?
All of his posts are about sellin that stupid thing. GIVE IT UP ALREADY!
Hey TennisNut,

why did you say that to my post? It is not a spam. I am not a spam guy and trying to make money for this wonderful sex machine, you know that. I am just like you. I lost money to buy this and cannot use it and want to share to any guys who are interested in this sex machine. I hope I can earn a little bucks back to save myself to buy a penistretcher. I know many guys outthere will need this when his wife is not available and this sex mahcine will be a substitution for them. I hope you understand me about this, unless nobody is interested in this, I have to throw it in trash. I do not really want to waste it because it is not bad or useless machine. If this is a cheapy machine, the company cannot sell to the world guys for $500.00

Hope everybody is nice to give an honest comment and offer, thank you.