Has anyone heard of this shit called......


Jul 26, 2003
maxdoerm? I'm sitting at work reading the rap pages and i see a advertising for this shit and it says that it has a instantaneous effect on erection size. I was wondering if anyone has used or even heard of this shit? It also said that it improves your erection size by 31% and its better than penis enlargement pill because its "delivered through the skin". I know that they say pills and all that other crap does not work, but i was just wondering maybe they found something that really works? Probably not
most of it is a scam in my opinion, just keep pullin ya dick and gave ya cash.
Yeah, 31% is quite substantial. If they are speaking from a volume standpoint, I personally would have to put on about 2.2 more inches of length at my current girth to put on 31% volume.
If it were just girth, then I guess that'd mean I would go up about 0.75 inches in girth to 5.865 inches. This in itself is just crazy.

So yeah, most likely they're full of crap. I'd crunch some more numbers, but there is football to be watched. Later all.
They say 31% because anything over 30 is high enough a # for people to notice it and be impressed, but low enough to look realistic.

I agree with punky, maybe take some other cheap pills, do it ghetto style. Penis Enlargement shouldnt cost you a lot of $, unless you're donating to DLD that is. :p
With the money you spend on pills you could just buy a hanger, i wish i had of done.
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