First Session with the Lengthmaster - Questions


Staff member
Jun 3, 2003
Yes! I know, each day in PE is a different day.
First couple of days I got the wrapping right. But once the wrapping band begins to get twisted, wrinkled after use, it gets a little trickier to do it right.
As for the stiffness for the screws to sliding down to press on the penis and to take the LM off, do you think I could make apply some oil to them so that maybe they’ll come off easier, or it shouldnt make a difference?
That sounds fine to me if it makes it easier for you to get the screws through but that’s usually not a big problem so I’m sure you’ll sort that out. End it does take time and I’m glad you’re being patient learning how to rap and so forth. You will get it down you will master it and you’ll be able to use it to make incredible gains. Keep up the good work and you will master this.