1. longstretch

    Simple Fix: How to Toe Out The LengthMaster!!! (Have Rear Tighter Than Front)

    I posted this here and figured it deserved its own post. You can read about the process I went through before that in the posts leading up to it. I'll copy what was said here. https://mattersofsize.com/topic/length-master-user-instructions-and-support-thread%E2%80%A6.62902/post-1852776...
  2. T

    The lengthmaster is a great device, BUT....

    The lengthmaster is awesome and the stretch and fatigue you get from it is second to none. I’ve figured out how to wrap and it doesn’t slip anymore. But there’s one problem. The 4 corners where your at the front once you’ve clamped the device on are staring to dig into my skin no matter how much...
  3. Lightning

    LengthMaster Tutorial (By TotalMan)

    Special thanks to Total Man, subscribe to his YouTube channel here TotalMan
  4. T

    Wrapping concern for lengthmaster

    Can you use silisleeve as wrap for lengthmaster? If not, can I double sleeve it. The review at total man is going to make this my next purchase
  5. Minceydice

    Silistretcher after LengthMaster

    After doing an intense length routine with the lengthmaster how much tension should I be using with the silistretcher. My septum is on fire right now I'm at a very high tension. Should I be going for a mild tension that I can hold no problem, or a very high tension that leaves my penis feeling...
  6. DLD

    LengthMaster has landed!!! I just received my new Lengthmaster🔥

    The Monster Stretcher! Lengthmaster 2.0 I’m so happy that my new Lengthmaster came in today. ❤ I don’t have access to my old one so this was quite nice to see it sitting at my door. I noticed some slight changes from the original which are very welcome, I love the way it’s packaged now, being...
  7. DLD

    SRT length exclusive: Active to Passive training.

    When I created SRT I had already used and gained with it. You could say SRT grew as Brothers, including myself, grew with it. As new developments happened in either healing or gaining I am quick to update and refine the training. Now with the access I have to tools that truly align with SRT I...
  8. REDZULU2003

    Lengthmaster penis enlargement gains

    The lengthmaster was one of the first products released by MoS, and has been around for over a decade now! We have threads scattered around on gains using this device, but, I would like to keep it more central. Continue with your own progress threads, but also, please can you update us here...
  9. J

    First Session with the Lengthmaster - Questions

    Hi! I just had my first session with the lengthmaster. It is indeed a very clever tool for stretching and very helpful. My initial impressions: saw the videos, but still had a bit of a hard time with the wrapping, since I'm uncut - and also with keeping my penis stretched for wrapping found...
  10. T

    Who’s got the best LengthMaster routine?

    Guys list your lengthmaster routines I want to see who got the best one
  11. Minceydice

    What's the best sleeve for the length master

    I tried wrapping with the lengthmaster and would rather use a sleeve if possible. Looking for the best sleeve for an average size.
  12. sceptic

    Give me length or give me death

    What are my best options for length? Should I see what I can gain just from stretches and manual work and THEN move into devices? I've been doing Mandingos/internal stretches/bathmate hardcore stretches. I want to be loooooong
  13. G

    Tip of glans goes dark after length master workout

    So i'm using the lengthmaster multiple times a day and going really hard. About a year ago i did frenulum tying/cutting so there's a tiny bit of scarring right at he end of the glans. After i do the length master this area goes purple/black and then fades back to normal after a while. I know i...
  14. S

    Lengthmaster order question

    I ordered a Lengthmaster on September 21, 2015. I sent an email to supportmos@gmail.com , I just want to know that the order is processed along with any details. Much appreciation.
  15. DLD

    SRT 24 Hour Workout...The most hardcore workout yet!

    SRT 24 Hour Workout This routine can be used as a permanent workout for those who can afford the time or used as a temporary routine to kick start gains if you are at a plateau. This looks like a lot of work but remember, much of the time you will be wearing your SizeGenetics, Phallosan or...
  16. dongswing

    Lengthmaster penis compression question

    Hi everybody, I just got my Lengthmaster a few weeks ago but chose not to use it out of an abundance of caution. I only plan on using for stretches. My concern is that when securing my penis, it compresses my penis to be somewhat flat to keep me nice and secure. I am definitely not over...
  17. S

    2 months in, my observations, criticism please...

    Howdy! I began 2 months ago (my new measurements can be seen in my signature or here) - 08/2014 - BPEL - 5 1/8- 5 1/4 09/2014 - F 2 1/2, FC 3 3/4, FPBL 3, NBPEL 4 1/2, BPEL 5 1/4, EC 4 1/2 09/17/14 -NBPEL – 5, BPEL 5 ½, CIRCUMFERANCE (ERECT) – 4 ¾, FBPL – 3 ¼, FLACID NBPL – 3...
  18. S

    Blood trapped in Glans/Head prevention?

    Whats up guys? The reason for my post is w/ regard to some questions about hanging or using resistance band stretching (with a hanger) and trying to minimize blood being trapped in the head of your penis. I have listed some questions below (I’d really appreciate some feedback and help). I did...
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