1. cocky_coffee_lover

    Newbie Incumming

    Hello my fellow PE brothers, CCL here to try and learn from the best and start my PE journey off right! I've lurked around the forum a little bit and I think DLD or SIM said somewhere that it's pretty daunting to try and take all this info in, and he was right, so bare with me while I learn the...
  2. P

    questions for a newbie hanger. starting this journey out

    Hi Mos!, Been a long time since I posted. This community is amazing, I missed it! I started my hanging journey. Ive been using the lengthmaster for 2months. Ive been pumping for at around 7-8months. I pump nearly every day. I at times use an ADS. But I dont ADS enough (saving up for a...
  3. R

    Silistretcher- General Questions

    I’m interested in purchasing the SiliStretcher and just had a few questions before pulling the trigger: 1.) How long do you recommend to wear this device daily (as an ADS)? 2.) If wearing the SS strapped to my leg, how visible is it in somewhat tight jeans? Also, what IS the most stealth way...
  4. I


  5. C

    First impressions and some questions

    Good morning, I received my package two days ago and I tried the Stretcher out yesterday, everythng worked pretty well but I still have a few questions about it. I already read about one possible solution for one of my problems and I will test that out but I wanted to post it regardless, just...
  6. MegalaDong

    Testicle Health Massage questions

    So a little background... I have small balls, there I said it! And my testies have been super sensitive my whole life, like “don’t touch em” sensitive. Recently I had a slight scare and went to a urologist, I got a ultrasound and everything was good. However it did shed some light on my...
  7. J

    First Session with the Lengthmaster - Questions

    Hi! I just had my first session with the lengthmaster. It is indeed a very clever tool for stretching and very helpful. My initial impressions: saw the videos, but still had a bit of a hard time with the wrapping, since I'm uncut - and also with keeping my penis stretched for wrapping found...
  8. FireBoner

    Penis enlargement question(s) ? I'll post whatever I won't seem to find

    What is Mega Jelqs ? Is it a normal jelq but with all five fingers ?
  9. 1

    About skin stretching, bathmate water and edging

    Hey there, I'm looking for a stretch that will lengthen the skin of my shaft, so my balls will hang lower and the hairy part will go down. Who knows, maybe it will speed up gains. Also, I've recently started to pump with cold instead of hot water, I found that I can get bigger inside with...
  10. JakeM82

    Intro + Progress + Questions

    Hey guys, I have been lurking around the forum for a few days now. I decided to join after reading all of the incredible material and advice posted. I am very new to PE, in fact I didn't even realize what I was getting into when I was buying a traction device. It was suggested to me by my...
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