Do you have a name for your "buddy"?


Jun 8, 2003
I'm curious.... in my younger years some of my friends liked to call their penis by name. Some of the names I remember are peanut, charlie, big john, and junior. What did you guys name it? I think it would be interesting to hear some of the different names that you guys had/have for your "buddy".
I call mine Littlesonofabitch. "Grow you littlesonofabitch!"
i really dont know why, but my girlfriend calls mine 'sparky' lol

i just call him pebis, dont know why, but i do, lol
Sometimes I will jokingly refer to it as "Pedro". I'm not sure exactly what the details are, but it relates to something amusing I heard on a ���� movie as a kid. Otherwise, I've never been into the name thing.
my girl used to call my dick "captain winkie" when i just i started to Penis Enlargement. BUT now after i made my gains she's callin me "BP" short for BIG POPPA

damn that feels good :)
hahahaha, isnt rapper 50 cent in the P-Unit... no wait thats G-Unit

My name is Peter so, i dont think it needs a nickname. Pete's Peter. but i do like P-Unit, thats pretty tight.
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