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May 11, 2023
Hey all. Not sure which subforum to post this on. So I never had sex yet. Not going to mention my age as it is going to be beyond embarrassing and it is to the point of that movie embarrassing if you know what I mean. So years ago, I purchased one of those condom kits on ebay or amazon where you get a ton of condoms from different brands like those packets to try. I remember buying the snugger fit or small size package and remember getting a ton of them. It included lifestyle snugger fit, caution wear and several others. The caution wear which is for smaller penises... I thought that would fit me but it is almost impossible to put the condom on my penis. The lifestyle snugger fit was tough as well but I think I might have put it on but it was very hard.

Now my flaccid is very small. It's about 2 inches or so more or less. When erect, it's around 4 inches more or less. So when erect it's probably somewhere between 3.75' to 4.25'. Back then I remember I measured close to be 4.5' but I'm not sure if I measure correctly or not. So I then bought several more condoms to try back then and the one that seemed to fit very well is Beyond Seven Sheerlon Latex condom that has that orange packaging. These seem to be made in Japan. Now whenever I put on a condom, I always put it on with 2 hands... hard for me to do it with 1 hand. Anyone else have this issue? The other condom that seemed to fit is the popular Beyond Seven Crown condom, the popular blue one. Now I have no issue putting it on and it fits but not as tight and snug like the beyond seven sheerlon latex. The thing is I read this condom is the most popular condom in the world. However, I read it is the condom of choice for �naked person�? How would that be true if most �naked person� are huge? So these are for smaller or average or bigger guys?

My questions are... because I am small when erect... why is it the beyond seven crown condom the blue one seem to fit? It doesn't seem loose as well when I try masturbating with it? Now the issue here is the beyond seven sheerlon latex has been discontinued. I still have but they are expired. Now can anyone tell me what alternative condoms are exactly like the beyond seven sheerlon latex? I am positive this condom is the correct size for me as I used many of them just masturbating. I can put it on without issue and it feels right. The crown condoms feel almost as good but doesn't seem that thin. But are there people with smaller penis that has crown condoms fit them perfectly? Does it have to do with small penis but possibly average girth? But those small snug condoms like caution wear and lifestyle snugger fit... those are almost impossible to put on. The thing is I'm pretty certain my girth has to be less than 4.7' but it isn't even possible to put the smaller one in. Any advice here for the exact dimensions like the beyond seven sheerlon latex? Anyone used the same condom back then and if so, what are you in terms of flaccid, erect and girth? And what you use now since it is discontinued? Thanks.
Okay so does anyone here wear crown condoms? If so, what size are you?

I am very perplexed because this is rated the number 1 condom in the world I believe and �naked person� wear it... yet I read it is actually for people that are smaller? So how does that make sense? How do male �naked person� even fit in a crown condom then? Can anyone here confirm these are made for smaller guys? I know they are made in Japan so that is another reason but makes no sense. Anyone can clear this up?
Circumference for the ring at the base for Crown® condoms is at 3.88" I don't know how they fit (I have never tried them). Maybe the ring at the base, and the other parts of the condome can stretch really well?

Also: Think about this!
Can it be that most �naked people movies� stars have a smaller EG then we think? (not all �naked people movies� stars).
Camera lenses, perspective, small women in comparison to the men, maybe they even use some kind of post production enhancing (CGI) to warp the reality to trick us? The last part I don't know for a fact, it's only speculations.

All this... make their penises appear bigger then they really are.

Personally I needed to change to another brand of condoms from the ones I where using, when I got to, EG: 5.5". They where more expensive, but I could choose the specific circumference I needed.

That brand of condoms I used before where not stretchable at all, when you got to big in girth.
Well that is the circumference for the crown condoms. The beyond seven sheerlon is 3.75. But again they are now discontinued.

The caution wear iron grip is 3.5 and the lifestyle snugger fit wasn't that much bigger than the iron grip. Both of these 2 snug fit condoms were very tight when I tried them years ago. I could not even put on the iron grip as it was impossible to put it on. I guess it's because my penis isn't that thin then? The lifestyle snugger fit... I am pretty close I couldn't even put it on fully as well. So these are for people with not only smaller penis, but also very thin as well? Because when I tried these on, I was surprised why it wouldn't fit because they are for smaller guys which I know I am.

Well if the crown condoms are the number 1 selling in the world, it wouldn't make sense because wouldn't that mean the average penis size is smaller than average than? They are made in Japan which to me meant only they are for smaller guys. But when I hear almost all �naked person� wear them... that wouldn't make sense at all. Does that make sense? So I wanted to know... are crown condoms for smaller guys or not? I did read lot of amazon reviews that people say these are way too small. So that means it probably is for smaller guys and some average guys then? I want to know if they are guys who wear these and say they are smaller and how small. I always heard the average is 5'. So if you are about 4', are crown condoms usually the correct size?
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