A Round of Applause for DLD!


Jun 3, 2003
Great job with the forum. Im very impressed at how organized this place is and I like all the colour combinations and layout. You did a great job and I look forward to spending alot of my internet time on this board (as well as �other PE site�). Hopefully you will get a lot of members here. Thanks for making another place for us to gain valuable Penis Enlargement knowledge.

Your Pal ,
i agree with your thoughts .....but my time will be split between here and another great forum(PP) i am a mod at ......:D ......very well done DLD
WOW, thanks guys. I still need to do much work. I am going to tighten a lot up tomorrow. I know this will be a great forum.
Of course this will be a great forum!! I'M here after all!!


Nah, really though, nice place.

Excellent looking forum DLD. I look forward to posting in the future.
In light of DLD's upcomming birthday I thought I'd bump this thread. We've been online for almost 10 months now and rockin!
Good to bump!! Bump!! This is the "Elite Penis Enlargment Forum" on the net
Best Guru of all time Bowdown to a nigga greater than me lol get da song fat trat by the Westside Connection and the track is ''Bow Down'' thats MY Birthday song to DLD, I will get it up on here tommorow and well have a piss up and a sing song lol
DLD deserves :highclap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
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