A Round of Applause for DLD!


Great job with the forum. Im very impressed at how organized this place is and I like all the colour combinations and layout. You did a great job and I look forward to spending alot of my internet time on this board (as well as Thunders). Hopefully you will get a lot of members here. Thanks for making another place for us to gain valuable Penis Enlargement knowledge.

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i agree with your thoughts .....but my time will be split between here and another great forum(PP) i am a mod at ......:D ......very well done DLD


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Of course this will be a great forum!! I'M here after all!!


Nah, really though, nice place.



In light of DLD's upcomming birthday I thought I'd bump this thread. We've been online for almost 10 months now and rockin!


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Best Guru of all time Bowdown to a nigga greater than me lol get da song fat trat by the Westside Connection and the track is ''Bow Down'' thats MY Birthday song to DLD, I will get it up on here tommorow and well have a piss up and a sing song lol

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