penis enlargment

  1. R

    Wendi Penis enlargment course

    hi guys, i dont have the intro file of this course, could you plz tell me how to use these sessions?
  2. T

    How to be good with a average dick

    Of course I'm doing pe and trying to make my dick bigger Dream size is 6.3 x 5.3 I've been doing pe for a while haven't gained shit Oh well besides the point I wanna start having sex, I wanna have one night stands with the girls at my schools or even have fwb but can I really keep a girl...
  3. T

    wearing it for 3 months consistant

    Hey guys! been worried about my size since an ex indirecticaly told me i was small because she could not get an orgasm through out sex. Although i had girls come before and i was her first i did belive all the fault was on my dick. Anyways,decided to get a phallosan and i've been wearing it for...
  4. G

    Opinions On Hanging/ Any Hanging Successors?

    I hang low weight(10 pounds) for usually 60 min to 80 min a time for around 80min-100min a day. Is higher weight + less time = better results or What I'm doing with the lower weight? Also what are some of yalls hanging success
  5. B

    dld what do you think the secret exercise of shane diesel and shorty mac?

    dld what do you think the secret exercise of shane diesel and shorty mac?
  6. habban

    How does gains affect skin?

    Hello! I have started to really get concerned now. This thing is worrying me enough to think about stop PE for a while, even if i don't want to. It's all about how my penis is starting to look uglier thanks to a couple of skin problems. To start with, as i have said before on this forum, the...
  7. P

    any members of here ???

    anyone a memeber of here ???? i wanted to get started with body building and wanted to join that forum it good forum ???
  8. U

    Ask for a whole bulge inflation exercise guide

    Hi, Firstly, I want to tell you, that my English is not the best and I'm brand new in this topic... I don't know too much, but please, try to help me Some datas: So, I'm a collegian at a university. I'm 172 cm tall and I have a 13,5 cm long dick with an average wide. Shortly, my life story. I...
  9. Mmuddd

    Mmuddd's journey

    Hi, I introduced myself in newbie forum. I think I aske too much question, so I dont spam further I will ask questions here and be patient about answers. I think I have also interesting case, because Im post OP very interested in natural PE. Im over 30 and never did PE before my operation in...
  10. C

    Penis Enlargement Surgery - Ligament cut

    Hey guys , need any advice I can get. I have been wanting the penis lengthening surgery forever, the one where they cut the tendon and you have to stretch it for up to 6 months after. Im familiar with everything and how to take care of it after etc. But any experiences? I think I am going to...
  11. R

    Bathmate size question

    After doing pe for awhile ive decided to get a bathmate but i am torn on what one to choose The site says i should get Goliath Since im 7.5 inch bp and 5.2 inch mid girth, but i just watched one of dld old vids were he recomended the normal one for my size. So what one should i buy ? I live...

    Is PE a mind opener?

    How many of you Guys have noticed a different state of mind since you guys started PE more confidence ,happiness, inner strenght,even certain superiority? what are the things you guys have noticed for good? after finishing a session i feel a good level of satisfaction and self confidence.What u...
  13. acromegaly

    Who has the biggest girth in mos history?

    Obviously dld has 7. I have seen another poster k18 says 7.2 in his stats. Does anyone know who has the thickest dick? Is it possible for someone to be 8 inches around ?
  14. wazedi

    steroids talk on penis and body enlargment

    *i dont know if its allowed talking about steroids here..if not,feel free to delete this threat* after years on gym and penis enlargment i was thinking taking some roids for better and bigger results.i was thinking about dbol and testo for my gym and in another cycle try hgh or igf1 for my...
  15. Z

    noobie questions

    Ok so i just signed up about five minutes ago. But i have been following these forum posts for a while now. About a month ago i would of never though i would be coming to a site like this because i thought my dick was perfect for my girl. Well.. untill we thought it would be fun to fool around...
  16. K

    An honest question, no offense intended

    So I originally got turned on to this site when I was 18. I paid for MoS membership and bought a FastSize extender back in the day, spent a couple months with it, saw some gains, but then went to college. That was 6 years ago. I've now graduated, working full time, and plan on returning this...
  17. M

    Gaitor bite?

    I tried taking a few days off of pumping with my X-40 bc of what I think is what you guys call "gaitor bite". its a red patch just by the base. how do I get rid of this? or how long should I take off? I am ordering the x40 as soon as my paypal account gets the money I put in is there. so maybe...
  18. wazedi

    Penis Enlargment in my Life

    Penis enlargment and DLD really changed my life!!After 8 months in daily pe my life changed dramaticaly.i have found what excersices works for me and whats make me happy doing it,i have seen some very good gains(i never messure it) so visual gain is verry important.that made me more happy and...
  19. B

    Completely new to Penis Enlargment; 0 budget enlargement possible?

    I'm currently 5.5 inches erect, maybe 6 with a really good erection. I was wondering if I could get up to 7 inches erect, and add some girth using only my hands for exercises? I'm a college student so I am very strapped for cash. Just looking for something I can do for an hour a day to help me...
  20. R

    Next generation of Penis Enlargment

    I watched this story and I wonder if something similar will be used in penis enlargement endeavors. Finger regrown using Pig's Bladder