1. W

    Help Me Gain 1in Girth

    so i have been doing PE for about 3 years on and off. mostly pumping for larger girth before sex. back when i first started pumping with vacutech i gained about .4-.5 in girth. i went from 4.5 to 5in. since then i have not really consistently did much manual work. which i think is why i have not...

    Best heating pads for warmup or post-PE recovery?

    any recommendations on amazon or in general i'll probably order one online soon
  3. crazyed27

    2 stage? Anybody do it?

    So I just bought a 2 stage cylinder. I do not have it yet. Just wondering if anybody has experience with it. Specifically how to get out of it? Like if I pump my shit too big to get out of the first stage? I've been pumping for years. My main cylinder is a vacutech thickwall elliptical 2 1/4 by...
  4. P

    suggestions for Vacu Tech cylinder? need ones with experiance for VacuTech sizing

    Hi guys! I want to buy a Vacutech Electric system. (I also looked at Kaplans, and few others) I believe in a month or two I plan on buying it. Before then I want to make triple sure I purchase the correct cylinder. I also want to buy both a elliptical and thickwall both. I have a...
  5. P

    Just recieved vacutech..questions??

    Hi, bathmate didn't work as had no privacy. Brought a vacutech thickwall elliptical system to use after everyone has gone to sleep. It arrived yesterday and done my first session last night. Need some pointers/advice on how to use it properly for best results?? I'm 6.2 bpel and 4.5 erect...
  6. D

    Back on the grind...questions?

    Hey guys, I did start a new thread earlier but it never got posted. Maybe I pressed the wrong button. Not gonna bore you with back story.. Bathmate didn't work for me as no privacy, my vacutech arrived today. I brought the thick walled elliptical system. Obviously air pumping is quite...
  7. D

    Just received my vacutech!! Questions?

    Hey guys long story short back on the grind again. Bathmate didn't work out as have no privacy. Brought a vacutech at the end of November, got held up in customs till last Wednesday. It arrived with half the box missing. I brought the thick wall elliptical system. But only items in box was the...
  8. B

    Just brought vacutech...please help a brother

    A bit of my P.E history My P.E has never really taken off due to not getting any alone time to use my bathmate Always felt rushed in the bathroom when flat sharing. Previously at my mums she didn't want me pumping In the bath. I'm back at my parents for the time being and have just brought a...
  9. D

    Just brought a vacutech need advice

    Hi guys, I'll give a brief run down of my P.E history so far. I brought a bathmate Hercules in April struggled to use it as am staying at parents for time being. I did use it now and again but used to give me major sperm chord pain I think due to over pumping. In fact can someone please clear...
  10. D

    Just brought Vacutech thick wall elliptical air pump

    Hey fella's, little run down of previous P.E history. Been living at my mum and dads on and off for past year. Brought a bathmate Hercules in April, found it a struggle to get enough time in bath to use it. I also started developing sperm chord pain, I think from over pumping... (can someone...
  11. Z

    P.E. after laparoscopic inguinal left hernia

    Hi so i'm getting my hernia fixed this week with laparoscopic and mesh which sounds to be the best i could find and prevents recurrence. My question is how long will it take to get back into exercises after this week since i've been PEing now for years without missing a single day. I haven't...
  12. M

    Cylinder Sale

    Doing a little spring cleaning and getting rid of some cylinders I don't use anymore; it's always a good thing when you can't fit a cylinder anymore because they're too small! :) Yay! I'm selling three cylinders: a Vacutech flared 2", a Vacutech flared 2.25", and a 3.5" from Penis Depot (used...
  13. C

    New Device Coming

    I've been wanting an electronic, digitally programmed pump for a couple years and I finally decided, and pulled the credit card trigger, on the pulsar from vacutech. It should be here by Thursday. I've made more than 1cm gain in the last month with my new routine that incorpates 300-500 basic...
  14. S

    Post your pumping routine

    I think a few of us pumpers would be grateful to our more experienced brethren for some routines to work with. The pumping tips for newbies thread is great but how about some solid routines to help us get up and running? Also, spare no details - how often, for how long and how successful is your...
  15. G

    Uncle jims alternative

    so just a thought, I have a vacutech pump and a sizegenetics extender. I have read about going from the extender right into uncle Jims wrap but today I had the thought to extend then pump up to an erection and immediately go into the cock ring. I feel like this would be more effective than...
  16. C

    New electronic pump from Vacutech

    Introducing The Pulsar Vacu-Tech's new Electronic, Touch Screen Vacuum Pump. Compact, Quiet, and Powerful. Everything you always wanted in an electric penis pump. The complete unit, including Touch Screen Control, Powerful Vacuum Pump, and Computer Electronics, is only 3" X 4 1/2" X 1...
  17. Y

    using air pump for water pumping

    I have a vacutech flared cylinder and I was considering using it for hydro pumping. Anyone here ever tried that and if so what we're the results
  18. smokey622

    MOTIVATION: Why Girth is just as important. . .

    So PINKYXXX (yes I know I post about her a lot) has a new video about with the return of Mz. Booty and Ms. Cleo. Now if you don't know who Mz. Booty is, she is a 2010 decade urban porn star from Texas, dark-skinned, very-short, with an ENORMOUS (can't stress that enough) ASS. She disappeared...
  19. master_mind

    Our dicks have no right sleep if want big. It should be working 24x7 305 days.

    My plans if all goes well and no injury to my penis. In the night phallosan or anti turtling device full on. Morning in shower bath mate, some exercise, if possible extender. Wear ads and go to office. In office extender for 2 hours in breaks. And ads also. After office back in...
  20. Y

    thinking of getting a bathmate

    I'm desperate for girth and from what I hear on this forum is that BM is the way to go. I've been air pumping with a vacutech flared cylinder for a couple months now, and it seems like the only expansion I get in it is from fluid build up. I've heard guys on here claiming the BM keeps fluid to a...

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