1. MoS-Newbie

    Length before Girth Theory!

    Hey guys. I think some of may know this theory. The Length-before-Girth-Theory. The theory says the following: The more girth you have, the harder it is to stretch (and make significant length gains). So if you have a specific length goal that you want to achieve -> Let's say 9 inches in...
  2. eugine8plz

    How to get BPEL closer to FBPSL???

    Hey guys, so i need help getting my BPEL closer to my FBPSL. My BPEL is about 7.3 and my FBPSL is about 7.75. I know that erect stretching is supposed to help so i just started doing that today for about 5 sets of 30-45 seconds each (if i can hold good eq for that long lol). So i was just...
  3. P

    All day stretch, need expert advice

    So I want to keep my penis elongated all day! Between using my devices. Thing is I need something that I can just put on and leave on, no reapplying constantly. Can't restrict bloodflow even if getting NRBs every now and then, I tried using the flaccid jacket which is like a rubber tube, it's...
  4. C

    Can I train harder?

    Hi guys, I've had a few months experience with extender then stopped due to uni workload. I've got back into things last year and did a stretching/jelqing/bm routine for a month before I went away for a trip and dropped off in consistency. I've yet again gotten back into things and have been...
  5. MoS-Newbie

    Studies on average size - BPEL or NBPEL!?

    Hey guys, I've been wondering about this for a while now. We now know that the average length ranges from 5.07" to 5.90", according to most studies. But nowhere in these studies do they explain how they measured! Do you guys know? It only makes sense that it's BPEL, but they never say...
  6. Lightning

    $1000.00 MoS Grand Prize Posting Contest Finale Around the Corner!!!

    We have our Annual Grand Prize Top Quality Posting Contest Finale coming up in December! Even if you already won a prize this year through MoS for posting, you are still qualified for this Annual posting contest as well. In this contest you have a chance to win One of the following two...
  7. I

    How to use these tools the best way ?

    Hello Mos, Can you help me with a good routine. I have done some manual stretching and jelqing long time ago and thats all. Ordered the following products: Phallosan Forte (Received) Size Genetics (Received) Bathmate x30 xtreme (Received) Lengthmaster (Ordered waiting for...
  8. MoreThanLuck

    A Biologists study of the Penis

    I saw this at another forum, and was interested because it is a TED talk. These are always thought provoking to me. I'm hoping to get some conversation with regards to bundled stretches after you see this biologists view of the tunica at the microscopic level :
  9. T

    How to get rid of this fat pad

    so ive been doing pe since june havent gained anything. Im on srt right now but still havent seen anything. My bp is 6.5 in and homestly after not seeingg any gains i just wanna get my bp to be my nbel. But how do i get rid of the fat pad?
  10. Simyan

    I'm doing a tunica expetriment! SRT demonstration!

    Very simple then. Why am I doing this?: I'm hoping to show the importance of stretching the tunica and why training girth once it is stretched out is the "new way" of training girth. I've started using SRT just a few days ago and it has completely changed how I think of PE How am I...
  11. S

    Approaching short term goal!!

    I'm sneaking up rapidly on 5.5 girth! I know a lot of guys started PE at that size😝 but for me, this is a big deal. My long term goal is only a permanent 6, 5.5 is already thicker around than my fingers can close over, I think. As long as a girl can't get her hand around it, I think I'll...
  12. C

    New Device Coming

    I've been wanting an electronic, digitally programmed pump for a couple years and I finally decided, and pulled the credit card trigger, on the pulsar from vacutech. It should be here by Thursday. I've made more than 1cm gain in the last month with my new routine that incorpates 300-500 basic...
  13. templnite

    *ILLUMINATIUM* Deux chainz

    The thread to end all threads This time for realzies though
  14. T

    I still cant figure out girth

    ok so i did my girth workout again which i always have trouble with. I did bathmate 6 min 6 min ssj 6 min ssj down 6 min bsthmate. Still cant freaking get a pump. Im hard when i enter the bathmate and i get soft when in it so im soft when i take it off. When i do ssj i go from being erect to...
  15. M

    Cock ring advice ?

    I want to to do what DLD did for girth,, I want to wear a cock ring and do 5-10 min mini jelqs throughout the day but I don't know what kind of cock ring to get, any advice?
  16. OnK

    Ab Silcone for PF/PF+SG.

    Hey people, So, I've had the PF for a while now and I'm liking it a lot but in the early days when I was still getting used to it I ripped two of the medium sleeves as I was applying it incorrectly (too much force) but after watching a video I've since learned the correct method. I prefer...
  17. mahoney1234

    Experiment anyone?

    So I've always played around with trying different ways to perform exercises, and today something hit me to try something for some strange reason to never try, or never have seen anyone speak on it. I play guitar, to simplify it for those who do not know, the strings are essentially locked...
  18. D

    evening primrose oil for increased elasticity

    Hello brothers! I was lurking on the net to search some oil for deep tissue massage which can increase tissue elasticity and saw an old blog post by DLD where he suggested to use epo. Today I got some and jelqed with it before and after bm and WOW the whole day my member felt rubbery) have...
  19. B

    Make condoms more pleasurable

    Hi Guys, I have been away from this forum for some time now but I really need some tips from you guys that have been using condoms for extended periods of time. My question is: is there anything you can do to increase the pleasure you're feeling while using condoms. Here's what I found to...
  20. G

    celebrity dick pic site!!!

    whats good fellas. so ever since I started seeing gains from p.e. (went from 6.5 to 7.4 in about 7 months from hanging and my goal is 8.5) I cant seem to stop watching celebrity dick pics on google and comparing myself this shit is so weird to me because I never thought I be so comfortable...
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