1. 92tmorgan

    Theraband Alternative

    Anyone know of an alternative to a theraban I can go get? Need it for better traction and to cause less slippage while using LM3. Need something today is why I ask.
  2. T

    Seriously need a real solution o Length master wrapping

    I have been having real troubles with my length master wrapping. My penis is getting cut by the length master. I was using pre tape to wrap along with abrasive tape thick layers. But my dick was still getting pushed up and was getting caught by the length master its gotten to the point where I...
  3. S

    Just found a good way to wrap for SG

    Hi guys, I'm fairly new to PE and since I started, I always struggled with the wrap. I couldn't find a good wrap that gives me comfort without slippage. So after trying many wraps, I found the post of Allergix, but I still had issues with his wrap, because the buldge was too big and I still had...
  4. T

    The lengthmaster is cutting my dick

    So i wrap my penis pretty well and make the wrap very thick. I tighten the lm very tight, however the LM keeps pushing the tape up and its cutting my dick and its very uncomftorable. Any solutions?
  5. C

    Ouch. Gotta lay off the LengthMaster for a few days

    Apparently I pinched myself and didn't notice until I was jelqing last night. Got a little blood blister on the shaft. Still getting used to clamping myself in. I'm getting better at it but not perfect yet. No biggie, manual stretching work only for a few days. Doesn't hurt but I don't want to...
  6. J

    Wrapped Bathmate Session and Base Girth

    I have been experimenting with wrapping the base for bathmate sessions and it really increases comfort in the scrotum region that usually gets sucked in the BM or just hurts from the tight seal of the gaiter. The wrap at the base keeps the scrotum out of the way and makes the bathmate sessions...
  7. IAmSpartacus71

    Something that gave me motivation in the beginning

    What's up everybody? I hope you are having a great weekend. I want to talk about something that gave me huge motivation in the beginning of my PE process: It was a little less than a year ago, I turned on the comedy channel on TV and watched a show called "Episodes". The show is about a British...
  8. T

    How to wrap with the length master?

    Ive searched videos on it before, and Ive done what Im instructed and I wrap it like I should with pre tape layer than layer it with tape or a wrap. when I do the BTC stretch its fine, but once I get to the straight out stretches (this is the newbie routine btw) when I pull my dick head is in so...
  9. AboveAvgAries

    PE and the bodybuilding perspective

    Hey there ~ first post here so bear with me. I've been doing PE and in touch with DLD for at least 6 months so I consider myself a newbie, always learning. I love the body and how it works. Through the newbie program and SRT on / off I have definitely seen gains, and hope to help others...
  10. M

    Houston we have a problem

    So these past month's have been great with my extender but all.of a sudden the mother fuxker keeps slipping off every 30min. I don't get it and I even took tor bars cuz I.thought I moved up to fast and that still didn't work ????? help a brother out.
  11. WonderRascal

    Is there any discounts on Length master?

    I'm planning to buy the length master, but is there any discounts available? Also, does it come with the UJW?
  12. S

    You know what would be a huge breakthrough in PE?

    An easy to do, all inclusive wrapping technique! If they could invent some kind of wrap that would just automatically wrap around your dick perfectly, that'd be a game changer. I've tried so much to get the proper technique, tried so many tutorials, but none of them work for me. How come no...
  13. mahoney1234

    Rapid SG conditioning gains theory

    What's up brothers, I like many others who own the SG can not get 6-8 hrs, for me it is pretty much impossible. I was reading about Pavlov's conditioning and immediately thought about my dick. I'd rather not get into what it's about but I figured if you can condition a brain why not...
  14. B

    Intrigued yet frustrated (new LM owner)

    So I've been working with my LM for a few weeks now. Just as a stretcher. When it is setup up initially for a session, the stretch is otherworldly. Great device. However, for me to get any decent grip I have to clamp it all the way down. This ends with massive bruising each session. It's not...
  15. P

    A silicone sleeve

    So I'm having a bit of trouble because of my disability I have to put the device erect (there is no possible way around this, that is the only way it can be done with my disability), by the time it goes flaccid (by not touching is therefore not causing a reflex erection) vmy penis comes down...
  16. P

    how to avoid fluid at night with PF

    i use small PF.....but i tried the medium PF for a while with rubber band on the sleeve for vacuum but it slips ......and at night there is sooo much fluid can that be avoided ?
  17. L

    What's your biggest gripe in pe?

    Just for the sake of complaining and maybe relating a little in our collective pe experience; what's the biggest pain in the ass with your pe experience? For me, it's the freaking foreskin. You gotta pull it back, and grip around and hope you don't have any folds. And if you do, you're going...
  18. bluetard117

    Pulling sensation

    Hey all. Probably a dumb question, does anyone else get that pulling sensation after enough time in the SG at a reasionable tension? What does that indicate and is it something I should be worried about? It feels like there is a pulling sensation out through my asshole, kinda makes me feel...
  19. P

    facing problem with my homemade all day stretcher

    View image: IMG 4168 View image: IMG 4171 guys i made this ... 1 cotton wrap or ace wrap 1 theraband wrap shoelace belt i basically wrap my penis first with Ace wrap also on glans....and then i make a loop of theraband which can also be used for hanging...and wrap theraband around it...
  20. F

    Comfort Issues With Miracle Slider and Pain

    Hey I have some questions related to comfort. How do you guys go 6+ hours with the Miracle Slider when its so painful. Trying to get used to things but its hard. Is it no pain no gain kinda thing? Am I pushing too hard on the slider and I should be doing very minute adjustments daily instead of...
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