1. DLD

    Get a dick like __________!

    I was asked to put a custom program together for someone who wants a dick like __________. They wanted a routine that would be hard-core enough to help him get to that size from his current size. I’m not going to say who it is for privacy reasons but believe me he wants to gain quite a bit so...
  2. dangerMOS

    Longer Term Bundled Stretches With X4/Sizegenetics

    Hey, Danger back from the grave. Been working on a couple of different ideas! Here is one of them: Recently I was able to get an absolutely amazing feeling one-half turn hands-free Bundled stretch by using the noose strap on an X4/Size Genetics style device. I had it on the absolute minimum...
  3. megamike

    Question about bundled stretches

    Is it normal for my penis to be shorter if I add another half turn (I was already doing one full turn) or is that a sign that I added another half turn too early?
  4. smokey622


    I guess I am suffering from the spoils of the LM. I am traveling right now and pretty much the only time I can do PE is when I am in my bed (privacy). I know that sounds weird but thats just the way it is lol. Suggestions on how I can do the beginner routine stretches without the LM and...
  5. A

    1 inch in 1 month goal

    I want to see if its possible or not, Im motivated and ready to sacrafice all my time to PE :) I will be doing 5-6 hours of active PE split up into multiple sessions. For passive PE I will use my extender and I will get one of those sleeves to keep me stretched while sleeping. Im also planing...
  6. xqtrrr

    Erecetion level throughout erect stretches

    Do I have to try and maintain full erection, throughout the erect stretches, or is ok if I lose some erection.This is what I do.I get an almost 100 % erection, kegel the head, grab it, and pull hard outwards.Now If I try to relax my Pelvic floor, aka Reverse Kegel, I cant maintain 100 %...
  7. J

    Bathmate stretches xtreme model

    Hey, guys I have a x40 extreme and I just started trying to do the hardcore stretches but this model has a very long comfort insert and you cant really bend the bathmate. Today I tried it without the comfort insert and the gator was very very uncomfortable against my pubic bone (i have no fat...
  8. T

    Manual stretches VS Hanging

    Which one is more effective for length gains, doing a manual routine or hanging for 10-20 hours a week at a weight that brings fatigue?
  9. D

    Erect stretch cementing and eq.

    Are erect strecth gains cemented as you do them? And do they improve erection quality?
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