1. smokey622


    I guess I am suffering from the spoils of the LM. I am traveling right now and pretty much the only time I can do PE is when I am in my bed (privacy). I know that sounds weird but thats just the way it is lol. Suggestions on how I can do the beginner routine stretches without the LM and...
  2. A

    1 inch in 1 month goal

    I want to see if its possible or not, Im motivated and ready to sacrafice all my time to PE :) I will be doing 5-6 hours of active PE split up into multiple sessions. For passive PE I will use my extender and I will get one of those sleeves to keep me stretched while sleeping. Im also planing...
  3. xqtrrr

    Erecetion level throughout erect stretches

    Do I have to try and maintain full erection, throughout the erect stretches, or is ok if I lose some erection.This is what I do.I get an almost 100 % erection, kegel the head, grab it, and pull hard outwards.Now If I try to relax my Pelvic floor, aka Reverse Kegel, I cant maintain 100 %...
  4. jpgm1

    Bathmate stretches xtreme model

    Hey, guys I have a x40 extreme and I just started trying to do the hardcore stretches but this model has a very long comfort insert and you cant really bend the bathmate. Today I tried it without the comfort insert and the gator was very very uncomfortable against my pubic bone (i have no fat...
  5. T

    Manual stretches VS Hanging

    Which one is more effective for length gains, doing a manual routine or hanging for 10-20 hours a week at a weight that brings fatigue?
  6. D

    Erect stretch cementing and eq.

    Are erect strecth gains cemented as you do them? And do they improve erection quality?
  7. M

    starting penomet stretches

    My pump will arrive thursday. Im making this thread to track my progress. Starting measurements 5in lengh 4in girth. Heres a pic of me flaccid. Pretty patehtic but ill be big in no time. ;) ill be doing dld penomet stretches. Can someone provide a link to the girth exercise for penomet? Also...
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