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  1. O

    do you oil your extender?

    hey guys, i've noticed my extender was squeeking. I used an oil similar to WD-40 and the squeeking stopped and also the force of the stretch became more powerful. so I think you should try this but use it only on the parts that compresse. enjoy :)
  2. johnny-wang

    Intended SG modification

    I am trying to build this out of my SG. I plan on making a super mod, as I have also acquired 4200 grams tension springs. I intend wearing this for 12 hours a day 6 days a week. The question now is, do you guys think its wise and possible to wear it that long with that much tension, or is...
  3. M

    Erection wearing Sizegenetics

    Hi Bros, sometimes I like to get an erection wearing the sizegenetics. Is that usefull or harmfull?
  4. tommy44_u

    Need Help with comfort

    Guys I just got the size genetics I been trying out all the comfort options it came with and I cannot seem to keep it on more than 20 min. Is this something my dick needs to get used to or what. It is very frustrating putting it on as it is since my glans aren’t big enough to hold . Any...
  5. S

    Sizegenetics Tension Question

    Hi guys! I just bought SG and I have a question about tension. In the instructions, they say that the tension should be between 600-900g for the first 6 weeks. I understand how to read the tension, but my question is... Do you have to adjust the rods length so that the tension is between 600-900...
  6. M

    Is it only with me or with others too

    Dear Brothers...... I think I have a problem, it's been 4 months since I am using an extender in the start it wasn't a problem to keep it on for two hours straight.... then it gradually decreased... Now a days sometimes even keeping extender for half an hour becomes hard.... Is it with me or it...
  7. B

    what do you .

    Man o man this woman is addicted to me getting gains, I believe she may be a little more than I am, she has went and ordered me a size genetics extender, now I wasnt planing on ordering one, but now I got one might as well put it to a little use when it gets here.
  8. C

    Beginning Stretch Length.

    I am 3 to 3.5 flaccid. When I stretch it with the size genetics I'm going to 4 to 4.5. Is this normal for a beginner?
  9. Lightning

    SizeGenetics Ultimate System Price Temporarily Reduced to $199.48 through MoS!

    New SizeGenetics Ultimate System Price Temporarily Reduced to $199.48 Exclusively through MoS! Previously Discounted Price was $249.48
  10. Lightning

    SizeGenetics Ultimate System Price Temporarily Reduced to $199.48 through MoS!

    New SizeGenetics Ultimate System Price Temporarily Reduced to $199.48 Exclusively through MoS! Previously Discounted Price was $249.48
  11. D

    No pain no gain?

    I have finally developed a method for wearing the extender and a wrap (a variation of velcro mod) that allows me to put in a lot of time without discomfort. I finally have a method that eliminates irritation/skin inflammation due to friction at the base, along the shaft, and at the wrap. After...
  12. L

    Ready to Quit PE

    I took a full month off of using my SLC/SG combo to let a sore spot on the shaft heal (caused by using a VLC cone that was too small), because whenever I started doing PE after only a week or two off, it started to hurt again with the VLC on within a few days Today was the first day in a...
  13. B

    Small Dilemma (Pun Intended)

    Greetings Brothers, As you can tell Im fairly new to this site. I've always been intrigued by Penis enlargement techniques but I thought they were all scams until I got into boot camp where this guy with a 10 inch schlong boasted that he obtained his size due to "jelqing". Five years later I...
  14. A

    size genetics tension problem

    Hey guys, does any know of a video that has been posted on how to use the tension part of size genetics. When I bought size genetics, they sent me video, but they don't really explain how to use the tension part. Thanks guys.
  15. L

    Struggling With Discoloration

    I spent literally all day yesterday tooling around with my SG and researching online how to properly use it... but no matter what I do, I'm getting a serious amount of discoloration in the glans as soon as I try to go up to a length that provides a stretching feeling in the penis. If i go under...
  16. bluetard117

    Pulling sensation

    Hey all. Probably a dumb question, does anyone else get that pulling sensation after enough time in the SG at a reasionable tension? What does that indicate and is it something I should be worried about? It feels like there is a pulling sensation out through my asshole, kinda makes me feel...
  17. G

    Should I go for the SG?

    Hey guys, i'm planning to get A size genetics device for my length training. I'm already using the Bathmate which is pretty fun and gave me girth gains. Now I want to at some length gains to my routine and I think this size genetics extender is the one I want to go with. However while...
  18. M

    SG 1 year + X30 + XX40

    So all this year I've been keeping pretty decent records of progress with my SG extender, and pumps. I first got a pump in late 2012, but here is a charted log of various statistics over the year. It's certainly not the big gains a lot of guys see, but I'm just posting the data. BTW, my...
  19. L

    Awkward with SG

    Hi guys do you guys use SG all day ? if i were to use it, it will feel awkward and people are asking me why im walking weirdly and SG can be seen through my clothes as though its 'hanging'. how do yall cope with this ? . thanks
  20. A

    Does the value edition come with 2800 tension?

    As the title. Been wanting to buy a SG for quite a while and now seems like a good time with the increased tension! But I'm worried that the 2800 tension would be exclusive to the ultimate package (if sizegenetics wanted to be scumbags)... Is this the case?
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