1. Chi

    Eating healthy

    Well, I've decided I will change my eating habits. I know I eat too much fried stuff, way too much meat, too little fruits and vegetables and some other stuff that common sense tells me is not good. So I tried a search here and didn't find the kind of info (or at least not structured)...
  2. Texan

    Just getting something off my chest...

    I'll probably get flamed for this, but I felt it needed to be said for awhile. I've found over the years that if something is really bothering a person, they're probably not alone- or maybe I am, but that's cool too. This is my first post here in about 4 months or so. The BS drama here...
  3. DLD

    MOS Dynamic Loops for Sale

    So many guys have been looking for the ring of power so I just started producing my version on the ROP called the MOS Dynamic Loop, it is basically the same production with the only difference being color and inventory. I have my shop set up and ready to ship orders. I am charging 49.95...
  4. nobody

    mogli can't log in anymore, tried everything

    Okay I've done everything I can to fix this problem on my own without wasting space space here, but no dice. I had to create this username just to log on. I've pm'ed several moderators and only 9cyclops9 has ever answered me back. I've pm'ed DLD as well. Password reset, e-mails, pm's, Ive...
  5. Priapologist


    I have been doing some research on penis-specific ligaments and fascia and was surprised to learn that these tissues have more elastin than collagen, the opposite of what I had learned about the rest of the body. This makes sense since the penis has to stretch more than any other anatomic...
  6. D

    What foods increase testosterone?

    anybody have any anwsers. i know some vitamin a helps
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