new to hanging

  1. I

    Routine questions

    I've just started hanging but am by no means new to PE. I've been stretching pretty hard over a year or longer but am new to hanging. I'm trying to break a plateau and stretch the suspensory lig more. I started about a 3 weeks to a month ago after I got the LM. I started with 10lbs. At first I...
  2. D

    New to hanging

    Sup guys! So I've just recently started hanging and at the moment i'm just taking it easy as I had a circumcision not even a month ago. At the moment I am hanging for 20 minutes per day at 2.5KGs. I hang down for 10 minutes and then over my shoulder for 10 minutes. I am getting a real good...
  3. L

    Not new to PE, but new to hanging for more gains

    I have been jelqing for over a year now, and made about .75" gain in length and .50" in girth. I am currently at 7.3-7.6" BPEL and 5.4-5.5" girth depending on day, temp, etc. Anyhow, at first of month I began hanging. I want to see if I can gain an inch or two. I started with 10 lbs tied...
  4. T

    LG Hanger Review

    Hey guys I just got my LG Hanger in the mail today and have just done a one hour set with it so far. I bought the kit that has the hanger, silicone sleeve, protective tape, pump, wrap, 3 pound weight, and some extra wrap. I am uncut. I have been doing PE for a bit less than a year now. Up...
  5. H

    Backing to hanging after quitting / good gains

    Hey everyone I want to give you guys some info about me because I need some advice on my current hanging routine. Ide really appreciate any help. Ive started hanging 2-3 weeks ago after quitting for a year. Before quitting I went from 6.5Inches BPenis EnlargementL to 7.8 and my Erect Length...
  6. W

    new to hanging

    Hey guys. Just wondering about skin stretching while hanging. I'm starting a hanging routine tomorrow and i'm wondering if the skin will stretch faster than my penis? I have a very tight circumcision so extra skin is very important to me. Any advice would be appreciated!
  7. S

    newbie hanging question - erect hang or flaccid

    Hey guys. I'm new to hanging and I had a question... I read the Hanging 101 thread and it said to hang flaccid... I personally feel it more when I'm hanging when I'm at 50% erection. Can someone tell me why its not the right way? lol
  8. L

    Hanging (Bib Starter) and Extending (Sizegenetics), NEED ADVICE

    Okay, I have been hanging with the bib starter hanger for about 9 months. However, most recently about 3 months ago I began to experience alot of shaft twisting in the hanger, the twisting caused alot of numbness and made hanging unbearable. I tried for 3 MONTHS to adjust my wrap, add wrap, toe...
  9. Dirk-Diggler

    New DIY hanger - Pictures & explaination - Dirk-Diggler =)

    Hey guys, this is a "new" idea for a hanger that I've been using effectivly for about a week. I had trouble finding the parts for the KingSnake hanger in the UK so I had to order them online, but got impatient and went out looking for something which I could use to make a makeshift hanger...
  10. J

    New to hanging - question

    Hello, I have recently invested in a Bathmate which is great, however of course like many of you guys I am looking for quick gains and all that fun jazz. With that said, I've looked at all stickies and I can't find one that offers a pre-made one that is for sale? Are all the hangers here...
  11. vampire2004

    Bib starter - buying tips

    I am 6" bpel & have planned to buy bib starter. I am new to hanging. What else i need to buy for hanging my penis for length gain. Btw, i have Bathmate and didnt see gain from it.:) thank you.
  12. RamRod

    Newbie Hanging

    So I don't really have the time to be doing exercises but I do have 30min a day that I can do to be hanging and some girth routines. I am starting today for the first time Hanging. I am starting out with 10lbs as I saw DLD recommend to start to another person just starting out. I am going to do...
  13. N

    Captn's Wench/hanging hurts??!!

    Hi, So I put together the Captn's Wench perfectly and did some hanging. With 10, 15, 20, and 25 lbs. I wraped my penis with prewrap and then tape (the white ankle wrapping kind). As I increased weight the ripping/stinging sensation of my skin got so bad it was preventing me from doing it for...
  14. L


    I want to start hanging because I just dont have enough time to Penis Enlargement manually. I would rather hang and have my hands free so I can get more things done at once. Which hanger should I start out with BIB? or is there another alternative?
  15. J

    Hows this for an improvised hanging device??

    not bad for improvised device, works well and im new to hanging, wat im using is golf weight with a string attached then a wrap with a cable clamp and the string is holding 5 pound weight
  16. F

    Girth and Length Together-How?

    Even though I've been doing Penis Enlargement for many, many years, I still have a problem incorporating girth work into lengthening routines. Right now I've been focusing primarily on length. I start by either doing a 20 min hanging set with 10-12 lbs, or else some manual stretching, though I...
  17. 8inchplz

    New to hanging

    Hey fellas, I'm new to hanging and just need some tips, I've been reading the hanging section and built my own hanger, like people have suggested I'm gonna start on a light weight maybe 3-5 pounds. I see people talking about wraps, are wraps just something too make the hanger more comfortable...
  18. D

    How Long Should An Intermediate Hang For?

    Exactly what the subject title says guys Sets, duration, frequency per week etc I am new to hanging but have been Penis Enlargement'ing for almost one year thnx
  19. C

    New to Hanging: Not working right, help!

    I just put together This homemade hanger and I'm having some complications with it staying on right. A bit of a back story, I am uncircumcised, and I have a ton of loose skin on my flaccid penis: I'm thinking I have more than average. problem #1: when wrapping, there is no possible way to...
  20. D


    Been hanging for 3 weeks or so consistently mayeb a month as well as doig my other exercises (New to hanging by the way) I have recently noticed that my erection angle has gone FROM between a 12:00 - 11:00 position to more of between a 10:00 - 9:00 position. this is a good thing right? Does...