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  1. I

    Routine questions

    I've just started hanging but am by no means new to PE. I've been stretching pretty hard over a year or longer but am new to hanging. I'm trying to break a plateau and stretch the suspensory lig more. I started about a 3 weeks to a month ago after I got the LM. I started with 10lbs. At first I...
  2. T

    LG Hanger Review

    Hey guys I just got my LG Hanger in the mail today and have just done a one hour set with it so far. I bought the kit that has the hanger, silicone sleeve, protective tape, pump, wrap, 3 pound weight, and some extra wrap. I am uncut. I have been doing PE for a bit less than a year now. Up...
  3. H

    Backing to hanging after quitting / good gains

    Hey everyone I want to give you guys some info about me because I need some advice on my current hanging routine. Ide really appreciate any help. Ive started hanging 2-3 weeks ago after quitting for a year. Before quitting I went from 6.5Inches BPenis EnlargementL to 7.8 and my Erect Length...
  4. L

    Hanging (Bib Starter) and Extending (Sizegenetics), NEED ADVICE

    Okay, I have been hanging with the bib starter hanger for about 9 months. However, most recently about 3 months ago I began to experience alot of shaft twisting in the hanger, the twisting caused alot of numbness and made hanging unbearable. I tried for 3 MONTHS to adjust my wrap, add wrap, toe...
  5. Dirk-Diggler

    New DIY hanger - Pictures & explaination - Dirk-Diggler =)

    Hey guys, this is a "new" idea for a hanger that I've been using effectivly for about a week. I had trouble finding the parts for the KingSnake hanger in the UK so I had to order them online, but got impatient and went out looking for something which I could use to make a makeshift hanger...
  6. RamRod

    Newbie Hanging

    So I don't really have the time to be doing exercises but I do have 30min a day that I can do to be hanging and some girth routines. I am starting today for the first time Hanging. I am starting out with 10lbs as I saw DLD recommend to start to another person just starting out. I am going to do...
  7. N

    Captn's Wench/hanging hurts??!!

    Hi, So I put together the Captn's Wench perfectly and did some hanging. With 10, 15, 20, and 25 lbs. I wraped my penis with prewrap and then tape (the white ankle wrapping kind). As I increased weight the ripping/stinging sensation of my skin got so bad it was preventing me from doing it for...
  8. F

    Girth and Length Together-How?

    Even though I've been doing Penis Enlargement for many, many years, I still have a problem incorporating girth work into lengthening routines. Right now I've been focusing primarily on length. I start by either doing a 20 min hanging set with 10-12 lbs, or else some manual stretching, though I...
  9. T

    6 months and disappointed

    Well, I hung for six months, working up to 15lbs with little results, if any. I will say I only did a 5 day a week routine, twice a day, 20 minutes each. That's only forty minutes of hanging a day. I saw that others were successful doing limited hanging, that's why I gave it a try. I am...
  10. jqsderrida

    Hangoff, Summer 07

    Ive been discussing the idea (with various people) of organizing a summer hangoff for the members here, at MoS. So, here it is. There has been a GREAT DEAL of expressed interest in hanging by numerous members, and, to a large extent, a revival of activity in the MoS hanging community. Let's...
  11. S

    Hanging Time vs. Hanging Intensity

    I'm just curious as to what different people's experiences are concerning time vs. intensity when hanging......low weight, and longer hang times, vs. heavy weight and shorter hang times. Also, has anyone has anyone who has tried both, and either not responded at all to one, or switched it...
  12. T

    M\/ 30 pounds/no hand-pump

    Hey all BTC here. I'm working on a video hanging with 30 pounds without using the hand-pump. Hopefully I can get it out on MyNewSize forum this evening. Just wanted the world to see the efficiency of THE M\/. This was very comfortable, and I couldn't imagine hanging with another. BTC
  13. sporty

    New to hanging. Can i just hang while sitting down [pic]

    ok i was wondering, since i do most of my work on the computer at home, and listen to music etc, can i start my hanging journey by simply using a no-frills set up by attaching small weights and letting it hang off the end of the seat? as shown below...or should the penis be pulled out straight...
  14. I

    hanging hurts!

    I am new to hanging, and some of the weights mentioned here sound insane! I guess it just takes a lot of time to build up to that level of resistance. Right now I can barely handle 2.5 lb, I managed to do it for 1 min. It hurt like hell. So I dropped the weight the next day. I just used two...
  15. Lightning

    Hanging Video Tutorial

    Here is the Long awaited Bib Hanger Hanging Tutorial. Thank You SWM for Shooting it. HANGING TUTORIAL VIDEO
  16. G

    Pain, Can't Do More Than One Set.

    I have recently tried the hardcore hanging technique. I can do one 20 minute set of 26 pounds easily but I can't do another set that high, maybe 15 pounds at the most. Here is a couple pics of what it looks like while hanging. The pain doesn't seem to feel too deep, it basically just hurts at...
  17. B

    Removing Weights Pain

    I just started hanging about two weeks ago. I started with 5 lbs, quickly moved to 7.5 lbs, then about a week later moved to 10 lbs, and almost immediately afterward went to 12.5 lbs. The only painful experience I have during hanging is from not really doing a good job with the wrap, yet...
  18. channel7

    The amount of time you hang on a daily basis

    What is the amount of time you spend hanging on a consist basis daily? And what is the total inches you have gained? This question applies to anyone who is currently hanging or once hanged. Thanks
  19. D

    Hard core hanging

    I am now up to 33 pounds hanging for 20 minutes each day and 6 days per week. I believe that more weight and shorter hang periods are the ticket for me after extensive time working up to the heavier weights. I usually hang straight down and sometimes straight out. Then: October 23, 2002 - 5...
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