1. S

    Odd question for experts

    I'm not masturbating for now, is there a way to gain girth without doing erect exercises? Just wondering
  2. D


    So the wife and I went Christmas shopping tonight. I'm 48 and she is 38. We have 2 children and are not planning anymore. She brings up that she thinks I should get a vasectomy. Now let me say needles such as shots, tattoos (have several) do not bother me. But when I have a mental image to sharp...
  3. youknowme123321

    Hanging 23 pounds!!!

    hanging 23 pounds!!! My highest weight!!!
  4. B

    Bigdex's Chemical PE log

    Hey guys. I should have my PGE1 tomorrow so I thought I'd go ahead and start this log. I'm currently following dashdemings hardcore hanging routine - 1 set of heavy hanging a day with one or two days off a week. I usually follow up with some wet jelqing. I'll be doing things a bit...
  5. K

    The snake man's chemical PE log

    Hey fellas. The snake man checking in. Decided to join mistake and petersouth in creating a daily Penis Enlargement training log for my chemical protocol. Heres my current weekly routine. Still looking into what type of ADS i want to use in between sessions. Current stats before Protocal...
  6. S

    VLC or Velcro

    So which option is better??? Using the VLC tugger? or using J1L's velcro mod?
  7. C

    Autosleeve ADS vs. Divocup/suit

    Ok so I have been gaining in my Penis Enlargement but one problem that I want to solve once and for all is turtling. I have a prominent foreskin and the best way to explain it is that my penis loves to retract back into it like a caterpillar in a cocoon lol. It always does it and even after good...
  8. A

    Hair to the circumcision line!

    I get hairs all the way up to my circumcision line. Anyone you get this? And if so how do you deal with it! Its a bitch to keep saving and tweezers is painful as fuck and takes forever because of how much hair is there. What could have caused this I have always had it since I was a kid. Oh yea...
  9. I

    Priapus Shot Received!

    Got a Priapus Shot 7 week ago. The process does help, and does add to length and girth. Not real sure just how much, but my wife and I both know it looks longer and fatter. Nothing Major as its only been 7 weeks, but there is change for sure. I was like just over 7 inches now I'm...
  10. karmi

    Numbing cream???

    hey guys ive been using the penis master pro for a little while and i get this burning sensation on my shaft, it has no effect on the glans or anything its jus that the pull makes it burn, so i was wondering if we could use numbing cream around our cock or any little are we miight find...
  11. R

    I'm trying out Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray

    I have been HIGHLY recommended to purchase the Super Dragon 6000 delay spray from a freind of mine and a freind that happens to be a male slut and have women at his feet :cool: okay not quite like that but he does have a reputation for lasting all night and as I'm growing plus my dick has been...
  12. S

    PGE-1 Injection Progress Thread

    Started my injections today. First injection I estimated 7.5mcg as a good titration starting point. Estimation was excellent. It's been exactly 1 hour since injection and my erection is about 50% now, down from about 75%. It will be gone fairly soon. Tomorrow I'm going to shoot up with 10mcg and...
  13. F

    Chemical PE: Has anyone Injected Esiclene into penis?

    Body builders use this to temporarily increase the size of their msucles by 1- 1.5" in a matter of days. I'm wondering if the inflammation and recovery constantly would cause a permament increase? Sounds like the old "bee/wasp sting" theory speeded up and with a lot less pain. Here's the...
  14. S

    lose the hair

    what is the best way to lose the hair around the penis and balls. i've tried nair it sucks. and shave, not so good. can you buy something that works. thanks
  15. E

    Getting laser hair removal on penis and scrotum!

    Hey guys, Most of you dont know me, ive been a lurker on the free boards for about 3 years. I posted some year ago about my rather hairy dick and how to get rid of the hair permanent. Cause I got so much hair down there it was a problem doing the excercises. Now I am getting laser hair removal...
  16. B


    dmanit i have no much hair on my shaft arggh i dont get y it happens because of Penis Enlargement but tis so annoying i hope my dick doesnt become like cousin it from the adams family
  17. S

    Forskin restoration Smell

    Do you guys get that nasty smell, no matter how much I wash It wont go away. You guys have any Ideas?
  18. S

    Take some generic (CHEAP!!) Viagra+Tagamet, get better girth workouts!!

    Think about it...what's the hardest part of a girth workout? Especially after your penis gets used to the stimulation a few months down the road? Most likely it is maintaining enough of an erection to get an effective jelq/squeeze/girth blaster workout. So, if you are able to keep that...
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