1. Golden Crotch

    Do extenders cement gains?

    So, I've heard it said before that extenders cement gains.. So if I'm using the principles from SRT along with my extender, and hypothetically speaking, I go from let's say 6.0" NBPEL to 7.0" NBPEL in a matter of 6 months. After acquiring that length, would I still need to do some kind of...
  2. Golden Crotch

    Fastest gains I've ever experienced!! OMG!!

    Hi everyone! GC Here. Some of you may have seen me post in the MOS forums before, most of you probably haven't. Back when I first joined MOS as my curiosity sprung up for PE, I would lurk around the site, and only post questions. Got myself a penimaster back then, and used it for a while. I...
  3. J

    Making Myself a MONSTER

    My first real time real life blog story. I survive on your comments XXX! This is today's first entry feb 18 2018 about what I'm doing to myself. I want to transform myself. If you guys keep interested, I can blog as I change and grow. XXX ;-) Hi guys! So if you’ve checked out my galleries...
  4. W

    Traditional Pump

    Ive been into PE since 16, and have always lurked on forums for a bigger dick. Ive always used a hairbow at the shaft and massaged it with conditioner, lube, etc. Now that I'm 20 I want to go in full force and get the penis Ive always wanted. My measurements are 6.5x5 and ideally be 8x5. I...
  5. H

    What's the average size?

    So check this out https://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2015/mar/05/what-is-the-average-penis-size-find-out-with-this-interactive-graphic Don't know much about this study. Anyway girls exaggerating, guys lying and porn make u think massive dicks are everywhere. My measurement is a bit above...
  6. K

    My current workout

    I'm not faithful to pe as I should and sometimes go weeks without doing any pe. No reason why but now I'm going to be dedicated and so far one solid week in the books. My current routine is 5 minutes in Bathmate then do 150 jelqs. I repeat this 3 times and at the end do 10 minutes of...
  7. H

    Best hanging routine for length?

    Hey, I haven't done any PE for months but today I'm about to start a hanging routine as I have the equipment. What are your thoughts on using light weights for maximum gains? I've been reading a lot that light weights make the best gains - not sure what your take is on that - Anyway this is the...
  8. D

    Looking for advice

    Hello. Long time lurker, somewhat long time PE practitioner as wel I am at a bit of a standstill in my PE career. Was Hoping someone knowledgeable could give me some advice. Well first off, at my beginning descent into PE I started with above average length and below average girth. I gained...
  9. A

    Newbie and lost!

    Heey guys whatsup! Im trying to get in a PE routine consistent, I have started with the stretches: straight forward, right, left, up, v-stretch, between the legs behind, v-stretch. This X2 and each one gets 30 seconds, so a total of 7 minutes of stretching. (during stretches my erection is...
  10. bombdick

    Measurement Marks - Extreme x30/40

    Does that comfort attachment at the base accounted for in reference to the measurement lines on the clear plastic part? In other words... If I hit 6.5" mark in the Bathmate Extreme, is it really 6.5" or is it above 6.5" because of the insert comfort pad?
  11. sceptic

    Give me length or give me death

    What are my best options for length? Should I see what I can gain just from stretches and manual work and THEN move into devices? I've been doing Mandingos/internal stretches/bathmate hardcore stretches. I want to be loooooong
  12. G

    Tip of glans goes dark after length master workout

    So i'm using the lengthmaster multiple times a day and going really hard. About a year ago i did frenulum tying/cutting so there's a tiny bit of scarring right at he end of the glans. After i do the length master this area goes purple/black and then fades back to normal after a while. I know i...
  13. C

    A Newbie, looking to really make big changes!

    Hello MoS! It's really nice to meet you, I'll be here very often and I'll go by the name Captain :) Introduction: First of all I'd like to apologize for the wall of text that is about to come as I am dying to have my questions answered as I feel that you guys could really help me out based...
  14. D

    Need advice on a routine (Really need your help)

    Hey people of the forum. I've been "doing pe" (very very inconsistently) since December 2015. I ordered the Bathmate x30 then and have been doing pumping for a few days then stopping for weeks. Jelqing for a few days, then stopping for weeks. (You get the picture). I'm currently at 5.5 inches...
  15. G

    How to intensify length exercises

    Hi Fellow Penis Enlargers, So far I've been doing base stretches and regular stretches as per the beginner routine. I've also incorporated DLD Blasters which have worked well. However, I feel like the stretches are starting to lose their intensity, as in there is too much 'give' and its not...
  16. A

    My 18 years old First Routine

  17. G

    deep lig stretch A.K.A monster stretch

    - MONSTER STRETCHES - WARNING STRETCH SLOWLY AND SMART. NOT FOR NEWBIES. DO THE STRETCH AT YOUR OWN RISK. START SLOW AND USE GOOD JUDGEMENT! I usually start with DLD blasters and kegels first to fatigue the PC muscles. Here's the link, everybody should do these...
  18. G

    My variation of the Mandingo stretch

    Make sure to use baby powder with this stretch. If you want more intensity just get a semi-erection and do the stretch :) 258
  19. K

    Starting the journey with Phimosis

    Hi Guys Im 4.3 in length and 5.5 in girth, and also have Phimosis. Like many members, Ive been dabbling (no consistency) in PE for the last year with no gains Ive been able to improve my phimosis , but not by very much. My question is , where do I start (especially with someone with...
  20. D

    Fast gains.

    Currently with the penilizer im gaining half an inch a month. Im at 9.25 inches bone pressed erect length already. My question is what would you do if you could gain half an inch in length a month?

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