1. H

    At what length is the penis nonfunctioning?

    I'm curious on how long can one's penis be before it's considered idle. I've read about Mandingo having to drink two beers and have a girl bite his duck before he has to perform, and he's 9.5 or 10 inches right? Can pumps help with this issue? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  2. P

    Length master portability - actual size

    I would like to buy the length master but from the pictures I need to know if its portable and handy, I would like to see actual real time pictures of the length master.
  3. T

    Need a length routine

    Just received the bathmate xtreme and length master, I have already gained 1.75 inches in length and am purely looking to add length. I went from 6nbpel to7.75nbel and looking to break it into 9. What have you got for me?
  4. H

    Effective solution for flaccid length gains

    Hello to the Brotherhood, I hope everyone is well. I'd like to have flaccid gains just as much as erect gains, but what is the best solution for that? I don't want to get into hanging just yet, so would a combination of manual stretches and silistretcher be my best bet? It's been difficult...
  5. T

    Just ordered the length master

    I can’t wait to try it
  6. megamike

    Healing in an extended state after girth.....for more length

    what is the general opinion about wearing an extender on light force after girth workouts? in my mind,after doing girth the tunica is stretched out but more circumferential than length-wise, so by wearing the extender post-girth routine you double the effect by expansion in girth and length...
  7. T

    The best tool for gaining length

    Hey guys so I can only afford one product, either All day silistretcher or the Lemgthmaster. Which one is better for targeting length? And which one will bring length gains faster
  8. Y

    Gained erection length but can’t tell?

    So I started penis exercises about 3 months ago doing the newbie routine. My penis has grown from 6.5 inches to about 7.1 inches non bone pressed although I’m proud of these achievements, it actually doesn’t look any bigger. Can any of you guys actually tell by looking at it after doing these...
  9. T

    Length gains

    How come most PE’rs gain at most 1.5-2icnches and very few gain more than that?
  10. W

    Simple question: In a need of only length!

    Hello people, lets say I am new in this, couple of weeks in routine consisting of 10 to 15 min of jelqs and same ammount of time stretching. My girth is aroind 5.75 maybe a shade under/above cant really say and length is 6.5. I just want to add some length to it targeting 7 and ulti goal is 7.25...
  11. johnny-wang

    How to convert BPFSL to EL

    I have been doing PE for a while albeit inconsistently and I have not gotten an significant growth length-wise. I started at 7.5 NBPEL and went to 7.75 stopped for a while due to some issues beyond control, currently at 7.5 NBPEL. My problem is when extending, my BPFSL easily hits 9'' even while...
  12. jekyllnhyde360

    Jackups better than jelqing for erect length?

    Not sure what these are called pullups, i called it a jackup because it feels almost as if youre incrementally gaining length when you do it. Anyways, my hanging took a hit, so i've been thinking about when i made most of my gains and it was when i used to jelq. Eventually after sometime i got...
  13. DLD

    SRT Passive to Active: The fastest possible way to make length gains SRT approved 🔥🔥🔥

    Ever since I got my SiliStretcher I have been creating routines and different methods of using the difference components. I think that I have created a new way to go after length gains that will be so much faster when you think about this logically. The best time to make length gains is when...
  14. DLD

    SiliStretcher Exclusive Length Routine 👍🏽

    SiliStretcher SRT Routine Gaining to healing in one session going from active to passive stretching. Some people come here for girth and and some for length, they will follow a program that either they find on the forum or some come to me or others to write them a custom routine but, by and...
  15. J

    OMG! I just snapped my length master

    Fellas some help here. So I was trying out my length master for the first time & I was trying to take it off to make some adjustments to my wrapping & it was really tight which was weird because the nails just would unhinge from the length master. So I then pulled one more time to try to...
  16. DLD

    SRT length exclusive: Active to Passive training.

    When I created SRT I had already used and gained with it. You could say SRT grew as Brothers, including myself, grew with it. As new developments happened in either healing or gaining I am quick to update and refine the training. Now with the access I have to tools that truly align with SRT I...
  17. bandit2010

    Broken length master

    hey Michael can you send me another bundle chamber, I managed somehow when I went to take it off tonight to break it right in the middle. I will post a picture if needed.
  18. H

    Help me create a very intense 20mins length master routine.

    As per the subject, I need you guys to help me create an intense length master routine. I need something very extreme. I've done mandingo stretch, length master rolls and downward bundled stretch. Each of this exercises I did for 1 hour daily for 3 month each. I noticed that the did size...
  19. Golden Crotch

    Do extenders cement gains?

    So, I've heard it said before that extenders cement gains.. So if I'm using the principles from SRT along with my extender, and hypothetically speaking, I go from let's say 6.0" NBPEL to 7.0" NBPEL in a matter of 6 months. After acquiring that length, would I still need to do some kind of...
  20. J

    Making Myself a MONSTER

    My first real time real life blog story. I survive on your comments XXX! This is today's first entry feb 18 2018 about what I'm doing to myself. I want to transform myself. If you guys keep interested, I can blog as I change and grow. XXX ;-) Hi guys! So if you’ve checked out my galleries...
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