hyaluronic acid

  1. M

    Hyaluronic acid injections for penis enlargement combined with Trimix injections

    I am current considering hyaluronic acid (HA) injections for penis enlargement. I am currently using Trimix injections for consistent erections - for the last 2 years. If I proceed with HA enlargement, can I continue to use Trimix injections (ongoing) after the enlargement procedure is...
  2. M

    been offered treatment for a penis scar, which would you choose and why?

    unfortunate climbing accident ended up with a 10p sized atrophic scar on my member. i've been offered two choices to plump my penis up and make the skin uniform and good again, microfat stem cell transfer or hyaluronic acid injections. any ideas which i should choose?
  3. B

    Dr. Miami on "Penis Enlargement"

    Dr. Miami, a celebrity Plastic Surgeon, was on the radio today speaking on the countless surgeries he has performed for celebrities. When asked about Penis enlargement he stated that theres nothing he can do for men that desire to gain length but there are procedures where they can acquire more...
  4. C

    Consensus on contemporary lig cut method (non VY) Dr Elist Vs Dr Rosenthal debate

    Hello gents, I had the Elist implant "experience" (insertion, infection, removal) and recently had dr Elist remove some scar tissue. I am back to square one (before PE surgery) except with less money and a numb dorsal shaft from nerve damage. I consulted with both Dr Elist and Dr...
  5. J

    Is a wrinkled penis head normal? (pic)

  6. T

    Priapus shot and O shot tomorrow morning!

    Excited about it. Wife is getting O shot. Will keep you informed.
  7. N

    would you be Ok with Huge Temporary gains?

    well guys After I stoped jelking and using my cock ring my gains are almost gone(6 inches in the past. 6.125 a month ago) I have made alot of research and I've been experimenting for about a month now and everything seem to be ok, I've just discovered a way to gain 1 inch of temporary girth...
  8. K

    The snake man's chemical PE log

    Hey fellas. The snake man checking in. Decided to join mistake and petersouth in creating a daily Penis Enlargement training log for my chemical protocol. Heres my current weekly routine. Still looking into what type of ADS i want to use in between sessions. Current stats before Protocal...
  9. dickerschwanz

    DMSO + X to maximize growth - research

    Inspired from Kingsnakes trials and my own succes with a DMSO+Nascent Iodine solution I thought that it might make sense to start a thread where we can discuss what could or can work to increase our results with Penis Enlargement. I will update this post whenever we find out something that...
  10. MikeShlort

    IMPORTANT: Everyone Should Read This!!

    Hey guys. I'm Mike Shlort. I've been Penis Enlargementing since the end of September. Today I went to see a specialist who actually is willing to help with penis enlargement, as opposed to physicians and urologists who will practically roll their eyes and tell you you're stupid when you tell...
  11. H

    Elastin and collagen.

    Hello guys i am thinking about increasing elastin in my body if it's good for gains.The penis it's ligament muscle,skin that it's elastic so it's elastic because of the elastin in it...i know that 52% elastin,48 collagen it's good for the penis,but do increased elastin make bigger penis?or...
  12. R

    List your must have supplements for fitness and health etc

    List your must have supplements for your health and wellbeing plus if your into lifting weights into cardio or what you use for pe than list it. Mine are as follows with the ones being * as my regular must haves and those marked # for my routine work on the weights. Stuff marked ^ I dont have a...
  13. tyandhisrod

    SUPPLEMENTS? Over the counter? Any Suprises?

    All right...I'm new at this. I want to know if there are any over the counter meds or supplements or vitamins or anything that I can use to increase gains. I don't mean bs pills that claim to give me a bigger package on the label, I mean suprising supplements that one wouldn't think of for pe...
  14. A

    Power 90

    Just order the Power 90 DVD workout plan from beachbody. Came in at 79 bucks and they are sending a meal plan, and a resistances band. along with a calendar and tape measure to monitor results. I went ahead and did the Power 90 instead of the p90x because I'm not in shape and if I start a...
  15. J

    bromelain, papain, paba

    What do you guys think of taking these supps? They are supposed to break down proteins.
  16. T

    Ain't that a must-have / must-use ?

    Just wanted to focus your attention on this cream. Hirudoid Read this link so you know how it work and what it does Hirudoid 1 read this one so you know how to use (eventhough) it says don't use on genitals : Hirudoid 2 # Improves blood flow to the area. # Promotes...
  17. S

    Hair loss/restoration...your experiences?

    Hey guys, I'm 25 and have been thinning a little on top since I was 19. Probably the Greek genes I have...I dunno. Anyway, I am currently using 1.25mg a day of Propecia (generic, about $6 a month) to retain what I have. I dont know that my hair has gotten any thicker in the last few months...
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