erect stretch

  1. Golden Crotch

    Questions for DLD about Erect Stretches

    Hi. These questions are mainly for DLD but anyone who has had experience with this exercise is also welcome to join in and answer my questions. So I recently saw in a forum post where DLD stated that erect stretching helped him gain length faster, now here are the questions I have: 1. What...
  2. orgasmic19

    New routine and need advice

    Hey guys, it's been a long time since I've done any active PE and I mean a long time. So far this is what my routine looks like and I would like to keep it simple. Any suggestions and advice would be appreciated including reps and how long should I do it? 1. 5 minutes hot wrap. 2. The...
  3. B

    Need tips on stretching!!

    Hi, started my routine a couple of days ago. Trying to keep length and girth workouts separate. I've been doing length work in the morning but seem to get a constant erection when I'm doing my stretches. Obviously this is hindering how far I can stretch my penis even if at all. Girth work the...
  4. orgasmic19

    PE and EQ

    I what to ask this question best to my knowledge. I was watching a male enhancement video on 🙈 and one of the PE gurus stated that EQ plays a big part in making gains. I know some guys like a good EQ right after there routine and as for me my penis is usually fatigue and beat. I guess my...
  5. orgasmic19

    Should I keep my routine the same or change it up?

    After taking at least two weeks off from PE I got thought urge to continue where I left off. I guess what really made me jealous was seeing other guys with bigger dicks than myself. After all I just want a healthier and bigger dick. My routine consists of 30 minutes of stretches and jelqs...
  6. B

    erect streches?

    alright i have been lurking for a while and i see erect stretches mentioned a lot but i cant seem to find an example or a laid out description anywhere can somone pls explain or make a video pls
  7. orgasmic19

    Can masturbation help EQ?

    Do you guys think masturbation will hinder or hurt PE gains in the long run? Personally I have been masturbating like crazy for the past two weeks. It seems when I stop masturbation my night and morning woods vanish without a trace. But every time I get off my EQ is back in action the next...
  8. M

    erect in extender

    at least 1 hour watch porn.worry extender to.stay hard gonna.try.this
  9. 1

    Big problem with soft glans and dorsal vein

    Ever since I could remember my glans was soft when I was erect, as well as me loosing a erection pretty quick when not stimulated. None the less I never thought of it as unusual, but some time ago I discovered how things should be. After that I located the dorsal vein as cause, it might be, and...
  10. kyomoto

    Just figured out my new finish and starting exercise

    I did bundle mandingo stretch in both rotations and man i can really feel the stretch near the base. I think im going to start doing this as my immediate exercise after warm up and as a finisher of my routine. This has really hit the tunica hard and i tried doing erect stretch after and you can...
  11. S

    Stretching and erections

    I'm finding that, after a doing the stretching workout from the Newbie routine, I get wonderful involuntary erections on and off for a few hours afterward. Is this par for the course? If so, why? I'm not complaining, I'm not bragging. I'm just happy :D
  12. kyomoto

    What do you guys think about this?

    I've gotten to a point where I'm just not feeling like I'm making progress. I know this is mental too but I was thinking that I want to completely rethink my routine again, for the 10th time. My current routine...
  13. B

    New Routine. Revisited

    Hey, DLD Thanks for the help on my new Routine, but I shortened it up a bit. I am really satisfied with new Routine but its a lot different from the other routine we originally created. Tell me what you guys think? As of right now I am taking measurements. Hot Wrap (Warm Up) 5-10...
  14. eugine8plz

    Barely any gains in 10 months, help.

    So since September 2015 I have gained about a total of .2"... I stretched everyday, used the ace bandage almost every day for at least 3 hours and now I've been using the extender on and off for about 4 months now (it's hard to wear it at work, in total I have probably logged around 80-100 hours...
  15. kyomoto

    New Warm Up (Advanced)

    Hey guys I wanted to share a warm up I've been doing before my actual work outs. **Note: This is for advanced people and anyone trying this should have at least a year of PE experience** Now before I introduce this I want to tell you guys this may be a workout in it of itself for some. But...
  16. habban

    Loose penis after erect stretch/bend

    Hello! I have been doing only keegels and some edging for like 2-3 days now, and yesterday when i was in bed keegeling i got an erection, so i kept keegeling and i mixed in some erect stretching and just a little bending, at about 80% erection. When i was done, i did not do much at all. Maybe 1...
  17. N

    Erect work

    I know there are alot of threads on this, but i am confused about erect work and turning flaccid gains into erect. I have made decent flaccid gains. (got a little overly excited with newbie gains lol) but no erect gains. I have read DLD's post...
  18. T

    All downward stretch routine

    Can you give me a all downward stretch routine please
  19. habban

    Road to width gains?

    Hello! I have recently started to notice that my "CS" area gets more and more filled, adding girth to my shaft. This is great yes and i'm glad i have found a promising way to develop it. But what i haven't found is a great way to manually increase width. When my penis is 100% erect and i keegel...
  20. boohoohoo

    If You Had to Pick One

    If you had to pick only one form of PE for length, and that was the only exercise you would do for a couple of years, what would it be? Please explain why you picked what you picked.