captains wrench

  1. S

    LG Hanger - Please post your results/reviews

    I've been away from PE for some time. I"m looking for a quality hanger - something that's comfortable. Previously I've used the Captains Wrench and gotten up to 12.5 pounds on it. I've read some reviews on various sites that state this hanger is pretty damn good - better than the Bib - much...
  2. S

    Considering purchasing...

    Pros/Cons? I haven't done PE in some time. When I did do it - it consisted of Jelq's, hanging (Captains Wrench) - hanging was def my favorite as i could literally stand there doing nothing and know I"m getting a good stretch, jes extender, and bathmate... All are so so... I think PE is...
  3. T

    Critique my Routine

    Been PEing on and off, but I've been doing some consistent hanging for about a month or so now. My current routine is Stretch BTC (left, middle, right) 30 secs Then straight down (left, middle, right) 30 secs Then straight out (left, middle, right) 30 secs Then straight up (left, middle...
  4. S

    2 months in, my observations, criticism please...

    Howdy! I began 2 months ago (my new measurements can be seen in my signature or here) - 08/2014 - BPEL - 5 1/8- 5 1/4 09/2014 - F 2 1/2, FC 3 3/4, FPBL 3, NBPEL 4 1/2, BPEL 5 1/4, EC 4 1/2 09/17/14 -NBPEL – 5, BPEL 5 ½, CIRCUMFERANCE (ERECT) – 4 ¾, FBPL – 3 ¼, FLACID NBPL – 3...
  5. S

    Blood trapped in Glans/Head prevention?

    Whats up guys? The reason for my post is w/ regard to some questions about hanging or using resistance band stretching (with a hanger) and trying to minimize blood being trapped in the head of your penis. I have listed some questions below (I’d really appreciate some feedback and help). I did...
  6. S

    Re: How to use vids / can a newbie use this?

    Okay, You guys can pull up my other posts to get the background on me... To make it brief - I"m concerned about Jelqing as it may further desensitize my penis (I have sensitivity issues due to years and years of DRY masturbation. Therefore I am slowly associating myself with lube and...
  7. H


    I have been trying to fine a method on here for hanging. Can anybody help with this. I'm a grower not a shower and my girth gains have been great but I want to take the next step in length. I use the Bathmate and the SG now. Thanks
  8. Syd Kitten

    Can you hang from...?

    Is it advisable to hang from the base of the cock? If one's goal is a more baseball bat-shaped cock, this would help, right? The pull wouldn't be focused in the main portion of the penis but more the internal penis and ligs, right? I mainly as because, the way I taper and the size of my glans...
  9. N

    6 Month Progress Report!

    1st, DLD can you change my ID to newbeast99? THANKS! Starting Measurements: FL - 3.0 in EL - 5.25 in EG - 4.0 in I started doing manual stretching around Turkey Day, 2010. I started wearing extender mid-December. I got my Bathmate for christmas and started doing that. My routine...
  10. Dickleaker

    Kettle Bell Thread

    Hey guys, I was inspired to start this thread by Priapus90 because he got such good length gains from the Gold's Gym Band stretches.He has also incorporated the 10lb kettle bell weight into his routine. I bought the 15 lb kettle bell from Walmart.They have 10,15 and 20 lb. ones to select...
  11. Jonny5

    Pics and description of my homemade steel hanger.

    Hi all,I'm Jonny, newb to site but been doing Penis Enlargement off and on for a few years, mostly jelqs and pumping, and lurked here for a couple months before joining. Before I start, just wanna say I like this site, and with everybody's input, knowledge, and support, this is changing my life...
  12. W

    Best Hanger???

    What do you recommend for hanging? I do manual stretching, but it tires the forearms, so I prefer to mostly hang. I have a Bib, but I cannot use it anymore. It causes stretch marks. I'm looking for a hanger that pulls the penis the way manual stretching does. I believe the attachment...
  13. L

    Extender setup

    Hi all well I did post this in another section but it seems that it has gone missing so I am going to post it again and please feel free to ask any questions. Hi all I have been noticing alot of questions on how to put together the extender and also how the tension settings work so I have put...
  14. R

    captains wrench feeback

    I would like all those who own and used a captains wrench to give feedback on it and also if anyone from the UK is willing to make one for a cheap price for me.
  15. M


    Anyone heard of a Redi-Stretcher?
  16. M

    Where To Find Ace Bandage??

    Hi guys, Ive been looking for this for some time now but cant seem to find it in canada. Could someone help me out please And aslo what is the purpose for this besides Penis Enlargement? just incase a salesmen asks me
  17. M

    Anyone know where to grab this stuff in Canada?

    Hi im on the verge of making the captains wrench, but I cant seen to find the materials. Can anyone help me 2 find the nylon strap, grippers, or the cable clamps. I live in toronto, and ive tried canadian tire and walmart, with no luck. If anyone knows where I could get this stuff around here id...
  18. Lightning Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards!!!

    If You tried to Place an Order Last Week and Got Denied, Please try again Now. We are now back up! We are Happy to say is Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards. We were down last week due to setting up the New Order pages. Thanks!
  19. M

    ?? for RED.

    I made one of your homemade hangers,I like it.Except for its painful,do you experiance pain while your hanging with it.
  20. R

    Link to my poor mans captains wrench

    This next link takes you to my posts within the captains wrench post, telling you how to make your own poor mans capt wrench...has pictures as-well.
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