Would you have a "sugar momma"?



There are "sugar daddies"...men with money who women use for their money...hell sometimes they are actually in love with the guy but usually not. Take the Anna Nicole/Billionaire Geezer example. So, would you as a man though....have a sugar momma? You know, date a woman for her money? I think I could do it. At least for a while...not sure how long I could make it work out before my conscience got to me though. Hmm....


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Jun 18, 2003
I sort of used to have a "sugar momma".... well I could've used her, but my attraction faded and I met someone else, etc etc...

She was a college english professor 16 years older than me. Really cool, insatiable, and loved to drink. She would always pay for my drinks and bus tickets up her home in Rhode Island. She offered me to live there.... I would've had my own little work out room and just create my art and do my thing and fuck her three or four times a day. I declined because I just wasn't in love and I never told her I loved her. I was very upfront with her. She was upset when we broke up.

She was my girlfriend for 7 months and we had some pretty good times together. If she had been my age, I might even still be with her today. But I could never use someone like that...I'd feel bad. I wouldn't feel like a man, you know?
Aug 23, 2003
I wouldn't mind having one if I actually had feelings for her.

Could I just use an older woman for money? No, that just doesn't fit my personality. But I could easily date an older women who had money :)
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