What did you get for Chistmas?


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My Presents were:

Smallville Complete Season 1 DVD

Scarface Anniversary Special DVD

The Hulk Special Edition DVD

Magellan Sport Track Pro GPS

Palm Vx

$20.00 of gift certificates for the movies

And about .6 inches on my dick

Oh come on I deserve It! rofl rofl rofl
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A trip to New York (Really excited, never been to the states)
LOTR The Two Towers Collector's Box Set
LOTR Monopoly
Jean Paul Gaultier Aftershave
Rocky Special Edition
Quite a bit of chocolate
Alarm Clock

And their is still some more.... :)

Merry Christmas guys :p
a lot of chocolate
xbox (I want X-box live)
50 dollars total for the movies (I'm always seeing movies)
new cd player
trip to south carolina (myrtle beach)
and some other small presents, like a pen radio, some other crap


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Let's see I got... sex, sex, and more sex. Oh and I got piss drunk aswel!