Unique discovery of supplement combinations with collagen peptides


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Feb 8, 2024
I searched the existing forum going back as far as it allowed, and plenty of topics involving collagen kept popping up. I'll share my opinions I've discovered in recent days.

My wife and her medical field friends love keeping their beauty using every product available to them. This means, whatever is not working for them, the products are sitting around collecting dust. Me, a person that don't like to waste, started taking on the challenge in shoving the concoctions down my throat to prevent wastage. However, a unique development occurred in the past 3 months. I'll list a few items I'm using in conjunction with my activities, diets, and the excess.

Primary supplements taking daily:
  • Vit D: 5000 units during winter, but will lessen during late spring and summer when sun exposure is higher and longer period.
  • L-arginine: 1,000 mg (using up supply until L-citrulline maltase 2,500mg with hydration supplement during daily cycling activities)
  • Lecithin: 1200 mg
  • L-Lysine: 500 mg
  • L-Glutamine: 500 mg
  • Magnesium (500 mg) and Potassium (1000 mg) in the form of hydration and muscle relaxant from intense uphill rides
  • B-Complex (not the daily supplement loads but twice as much)
  • External Vit E (liquid) rubbing during rest phases without stretcher to alleviate glans irritation since I'm uncircumcised. Lots of stresses on the glans and the 1-inch length of skin along the frenulum for uncircumcised folks.
You probably said, what the crap. Why all these? I can say that as you age, your body won't keep up in breaking down and assimilating the essential components from foods so readily. I eat a very healthy diet of 60% veggies, 25% meats, and 15% wheat-dairies with about 1.5 gals of water in forms of morning coffee and throughout the day tea drinking. Total caloric load not exceeding 4K per day. Of course, there are cheat days when we go on dates and hang out with friends and families and the caloric loads went way above 6K with ease. This is my restriction since I'm already over 50. Younger generations, go hog wild if you're fit and have great metabolic rates.

Since I'm already walking in a weird supplement-laden lifestyle, I limit myself to the wife's one item among the pile of wastage due to the "I don't like taste" or "I think I found something better to invest in". SMH. I consumed the chocolate version of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides each day with my strong coffee. Based on the supplement facts info, 4 tablespoons has 20g of collagen peptides. A few already exist in my daily supplements, so I need to cut that back a bit, such as Lysine, Arginine, and Leucine. The benefits I've observed from my logs:
  • Nails are growing nearly triple the rate and stronger. No more splits when I work with chemicals for the vehicles and field works, or while prying the edges of metallic components like mini crowbars.
  • Hair is growing tougher, not necessarily denser. I believe this is the starting point of hair regrowth based on testimonies so far.
  • Skin regenerative capacity around the face, neck, and the bonus, the penis, especially around the glans, skin below the glans, and frenulum from post-irritation.
  • Faster skin and tissues cementing than standard supplements for the body of penis. I'm still scratching my head around this one. I wish others can help me verify this. The amount of time feeling ligamental fatigue is reduced nearly in half based on my observation. Healing factors went way up rather than prolonging period like when I was younger. Internal collagen assist standalone vs red light therapy vs high collagen doses + red light therapy. I'll eliminate red light therapy for a few months and to use collagen peptides only to record, switch to red light only without high dosage of collagen until I run out of the supply, and switch back to both to get to my set goal of 7 NBPEL rather than BPEL and 6 EG. Have mercy on me lil guy when I go Hulk mode with the pump like the vets in this group.
I've read through my medical logs. Even with similar daily supplements in the past, including healthy doses zinc, iron, and mega vitamins during my primal year weight training, it did not help with the penile tissue regenerative approach. I'm paying very close attention to the biochemical reactions and molecular influences of glycine, glutamic acid, arginine, proline, alanine, and hydroxyproline. Similar components are focused for muscle enhancement drinks for HMB and protein shakes for pre-and-post workouts.

The world of penile enhancement may be stepping into a new arena of more unique internal recovery supplements, on top of the MOS Red external stimulus and healing. I have something similar to MOS Red but using specialized stones and IR instead for cellular regenerative assistance.
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Incredible work my brother. I appreciate how much time you've put into this
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