Throw a fit at your wedding reception...become a national celebrity? WTF??



MANCHESTER, Conn. (Aug. 29) - A woman dubbed "Bridezilla" after police said she went on a rampage at her wedding reception pleaded guilty Thursday to a reduced charge of creating a public disturbance.

Adrienne T. Samen, 18, was fined $90.

Samen, of North Haven, was arrested on criminal mischief and breach of peace charges on Aug. 16 after police responded to her wedding reception at The Mill on the River restaurant in South Windsor.

Samen allegedly became enraged after restaurant workers closed the bar at the party. She began throwing things, including wedding cake and gifts, police said. Samen left the restaurant, and police found her walking down the road in her wedding gown.

While being taken into custody, police said she kicked the door and window of the police cruiser and tried to bite an officer.

The incident received national attention, with the New York Post and other media dubbing Samen "Bridezilla."

"My behavior was very disgraceful," Samen told Judge Patricia Swords during her court appearance Thursday.

Swords fined Samen $90 and ordered her to pay for any damages to the restaurant. She also suggested Samen seek substance abuse and anger management counseling.

"This behavior does not bode well for the well-being of your marriage," said Swords.

The groom, David Samen, a 21-year-old Marine reservist, accompanied his wife to court. He came home a little over a month ago after serving in Iraq for six months, said Evelyn Vitalie, David's mother. David and Adrienne eloped before he left and wanted a bigger ceremony once he came home.

"I'm happy," said Vitalie. "When he married her, I finally had a daughter."

The couple honeymooned at Dollywood, country music star Dolly Parton's amusement park in Tennessee. But Adrienne Samen said they were forced to cut short the vacation after being hounded by reporters.

"There really wasn't one (a honeymoon)," she said.

Samen said she will tell her side of the story during an appearance next month on a television talk show hosted by Sharon Osbourne, wife of heavy metal music star Ozzy Osbourne.

"I'm sorry to certain people, like my family and some of the police officers," she said.

She used a derogatory word in describing other officers, and accused them of damaging her wedding ring.

South Windsor police Sgt. Matthew Reed said the bride threw the ring to the ground. No complaint about the ring has been filed, he said.

Liz Gioielli, the banquet manager at the Mill on the River, said the restaurant was not damaged, but workers did have a lot of glass to clean up.

LOL, that lady is uuuuuugly as hell too!

I can see her tearing down towers in NYC, "ahhhhh it's Bridezilla!"
Look at this maturity and go figure why our society has a relatively high divorce rate. No offense to anyone that has been through a divorce here. I know there are very legitimate reasons for divorce at times, as the amount of shit I myself would put up with has its limits. However, people getting married before they grow up is definitely part of the problem.
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