Really, Really weird coincidence??? Hmm DLD??? ;)



Here's an exerpt from a "quasi-biography" as I like to call it on �naked people movies� Star Peter North from an industry related site ( Peter North was well known in GAY �naked people movies� :shakinass before "going straight" as he puts it. Heres the coincidence part though.... a list of GAY :shakinass movies he starred in:

Because they pay more, he did about two dozen gay :shakinass videos. Using the name Matt Ramsey, he took it up the ass :shakinass and gave it in such videos as Backstrokes, Below the Belt, The Bigger The Better, Blow Bi Blow, Boys of West Hollywood, The Company We Keep, Cousins, Euromen, Getting It, Hot Off The Press, Interview, Like A Horse, Master of Discipline, A Matter of Size ????, More Mind Games, Sizing Up, Switch Hitters 3, Two Handsfull and Young Gladiators.
DLD, YOU a big Peter North fan? :shakinass LOL. You know we love ya man. :shakinass
Yup. I've seen a few clips offa Kazaa myself. I always knew that dude was too god damned well-groomed to be straight. He has less hair on his body than most of the women he bangs in straight �naked people movies�.

I guess he's the kind of dude that is able to just fuck anything. But deep down inside, I'll betcha he's truly gay. I don't believe in male bisexuality.
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