Manual/how to Install MOS as a web app (PWA)


Also called: SIM
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Jan 6, 2023
Hello, today I have set it up, so you can install MOS as a web app (PWA - Progressive Web App) if you want to do that.

The MOS logo didn't worked so well when I shunk it down, so I did only use the generic one that was generated by Brave web browser.

Here is how you install it.
I'm using Chrome Web browser in the video.

View attachment PWA_20240307_182651853.mp4
Things feel so much better today on the forum and I appreciate everything you're doing
Where is it on a phone application
Where is it on a phone application
only worked on Android Chrome and it also worked on Brave on my laptop. But Brave didn't work on my Android phone.
So I guess some stuck not being able to do it
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