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  1. squirt_inducer_man

    Start #tagging your content

    Tags This will help us to organize the forums, users may add tags to their content. These tags become links, allowing topics that discuss similar things to be grouped and searched. This is important to do from now on. This will help the search engine on, and we will therefore...
  2. squirt_inducer_man

    Did you knew that you could send private messages now?

    I get very little feedback on these technical posts. So I created a pull. I want the answers to be truthful. If you did know this before reading this, or if this is the first time you finding this out?
  3. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to Install MOS as a web app (PWA)

    Hello, today I have set it up, so you can install MOS as a web app (PWA - Progressive Web App) if you want to do that. The MOS logo didn't worked so well when I shunk it down, so I did only use the generic one that was generated by Brave web browser. Here is how you install it. I'm using...
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    How to link to a video from the ALBUM SECTION

    Video instruction: - How to link to a video in the Album section, and have that video viewable in a post/thread. Why do you want to do this? - This way of uploading videos make it possible to share the videos on multiple places on, without it taking up excessive storage space...
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    Manual/how to Refer to members correctly

    To refer to a member write first @ and then start to write their username. A list will appear and you can choose the correct user/member to refer to. If you use this refering method/system, the member in question will also see a notification about this under alerts (this notification are...
  6. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to Quoting in threads

    Here are 2 different ways to quote texts/POSTS here at MOS. Watch the video instructions. Many new members do this wrong. This is important to learn how to do correctly. A quote should not change the meaning of the orginal text. Video 1 Video 2
  7. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to The album section

    How to get to the album section, and how to use it to your advantage. In this album section you can upload pictures in your personal album(s). Note: The "click" sound are lagging in this video. But I think you will understand how to do this even with this lagging. But the...
  8. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to See all your: Alerts/Notifications

    This is a short video instruction in how to view all your notifications. Keep in mind that this list resets itself from time to time, so if you want to keep track of a tread you can create a system where you save bookmarks to your Web Browser (for example: Brave, Chrome...).
  9. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to Navigate to the: What's new section.

    How to navigate to the section: What's new with your mobile device. In this section you can also talk to members outside of the threads. (PM = Private Massage, is disabled for members).
  10. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to Smilies
  11. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to Using BB CODES

    This link below takes you to the help page.
  12. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to Shortcut: Fast up top AND fast all the way down.

    There is a shortcut so you don't need to scroll, if you need to go all the way down, or all the way up top on a page. There are two arrows and they point towards the way you want to go. The shortcut looks like this: Clearification: ⬆ = You go up. ⬇ = You go down. If the shortcut doesn't...
  13. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to Use diffrent reaction emojis for posts.

    If you long press or left "click" on the LIKE button under a post, there are diffrent reaction emojis to choose from.
  14. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to How to upload videos in a thread?

    Just follow this short gif-file to upload a video. Step 1: "Click" on the appearing box where it is written: Drop video (or click here). Dropping a video into this box only works on a PC (Personal Computer) and not on a phone. With a phone or tablet you need to "click", on the drop down box...
  15. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to How to upload picures to a post in a thread.

    A short .gif that tells you how to upload picures to a thread here at MOS.
  16. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to How do you send a private message, to a brother here in MOS.

    I don't understand how you can send a private message here on MOS. Is it only moderators that have this ability? Just asking, so I know if I need to do it in the future.
  17. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to Get notifications from MOS in your Android phone

    Okey! I'm just posting a simple video guide, to show you how to get notifications from MOS ( to your smartphone. I tried it in Google Chrome as well but that was more complicated. It's the same notifications you see at the bell 🔔 icon at the top-menu on MOS. Instead of needing...
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