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  1. squirt_inducer_man

    Start #tagging your content

    Tags This will help us to organize the forums, users may add tags to their content. These tags become links, allowing topics that discuss similar things to be grouped and searched. This is important to do from now on. This will help the search engine on, and we will therefore...
  2. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to Install MOS as a web app (PWA)

    Hello, today I have set it up, so you can install MOS as a web app (PWA - Progressive Web App) if you want to do that. The MOS logo didn't worked so well when I shunk it down, so I did only use the generic one that was generated by Brave web browser. Here is how you install it. I'm using...
  3. squirt_inducer_man

    All video instructions

    Just "click" on this link below.
  4. squirt_inducer_man

    Manual/how to How do you send a private message, to a brother here in MOS.

    I don't understand how you can send a private message here on MOS. Is it only moderators that have this ability? Just asking, so I know if I need to do it in the future.
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