If you could chose only ONE area to improve your penis....?

If you could chose only ONE area to improve your penis....?

  • Length

    Votes: 32 65.3%
  • Girth

    Votes: 17 34.7%

  • Total voters


What would it be? Length? Girth? If so, why?? Just curious. Please vote in the poll. I'd just like to see if we can develop an 'average', leaning toward one area or the other. I've personally voted for length.
I would definately say length as well. My pre pe girth was 5.25 and is now 5.75 with 6.10 at the base. My length is definately still lacking.
I would like to have extra girth right below the head.
I voted length. Why you ask?? Girth, undeservingly, doesnt carry the stigma of having a big dick as length does and I want that stigma. Whether in the locker room or urinal, to dropping your boxers for the first time in front of a woman, Length seems to get their attention first.

Case in point, just look at any ����� or big cock site. They make bogus claims of "13 inches this" or "17 inches that" and never make a reference to girth.

But girth makes them feel all squishy inside. :cool:

I need girth at some point. My wife and I have 4 kids, its pretty loose for my tool. But alas, the stigma thing. I voted for length. I can always use the other holes. :D

After my length gains I can do girth, it seems that I go up in girth pretty quickly so far so that is a good sign atleast.

I have vote for length, if it is like for a wish where you have only the choice between girth and lenght i would ask for 10 more inches :D
I voted for girth myself. Yes, a big deal is made over length, but most girls I've talked to say they prefer girth over length (within limits of reason). Also, someday I want to be able to buy some Magnum XL's because I will physically need them to accomodate my manly girth, haha.

- d_s
Originally posted by bobbdobbs
When it cums to satisfying the ladies, it is girth, girth, girth.


*When it cums to satisfying the ladies, it is money, money, money.
Like ole' Scar Face said "Firss jew get da monee, den jew get da powuuurrr, den jew get da weemeeen"
I voted length.
Cos I am unhappy with my length and I pray to god everyday for increases in my length.
Girth is more important than girth but stigma is more important also, plus length looks better.

I WANT length.
I may have good girth, but its the lengthy guys that get all the attention, ya dont hear anyone say 'He was a girthy bastard' 'thick fucker' its always 'Snake' 'the horse' etc etc.
I picked Girth. Why? Because I haven't gained anything since starting Penis Enlargement in March in Girth, but I have gained around an Inch in Length.

Everyday I pray for Girth.
Definitely girth. I'm just shy of 8" in length and I bottom out in my girlfriend in certain positions already. Girth could use some work though. I'm stuck at 6.2" right now (although I haven't measured in about 3 weeks) and my goal is 6.5".
Personally, I voted for length, this may be because I have some good girth (5.75'') but large dick is the long one instead of the thick one IMHO. I may consider some girth work only after hitting 9'' BPenis EnlargementL.
Originally posted by doublelongdaddy

*When it cums to satisfying the ladies, it is money, money, money.
Oh yeah....when it comes to girth or length, women prefer girth - of your wallet.
I'm split down the middle on this poll. If i had a woman to make love to than i would want girth to make sure that i hit those walls nice and slow. Now if i was sleeping around with alot of women i would prefer a longer dick because they will tell all their friend about me and you know what that means? MO PUSSY!! MO PUSSY!! AND MO PUSSY!! Well i voted for length since i don't have a woman.
Since I've already used Magnum XL condoms, I chose length. I'm still a little torn in this, but I want another inch length more than anything else(Penis Enlargement gains-wise).
Right now I'm slightly over the 7.5 inches mark in length so I will choose girth with all confidence.
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