If this guy hadnt hit another car first, I might not be here ?



Some guy was drinking this afternoon (hey, bars in TN are open during the day here lol) and, had he not rear ended some lady first...he might have continued through my yard with his truck and taken me out. His truck stopped at an angle toward my place at the end of my driveway. Here's a pic of the truck. Nobody was hurt that I know of but, the cops had the guy out in front of my place walking a white line and he almost smacked one of the cops in the face while attempting to find his own nose ...doing the infamous "place your finger on your nose" test.


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Yeah man, that's pretty scary.. It's weird because things like that happen all the time. Like if one thing didn't happen, then this might've happened. Amazing how a few seconds could have completely different outcomes, especially in situations like this.

One of my dickhead mates got drunk and drove his mates car through an old ladys lounge room, he was 5 meters off hitting her or something. He was suposed to go to jail but he appealed and got off:rolleyes:
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Just a friendly heads up....send a PM next time before you move a MODERATORS thread. Thanks a bunch honey buns.
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Just a friendly heads up....send a PM next time before you move a MODERATORS thread. Thanks a bunch honey buns.

I thought a MODERATOR should know the right sections to post..... ;)

Yeah Still thats scary stuff. You never know whats ahead do ya.

Just this weekend a local girl got a 4-wheeler for her birthday present. After the party she took 5 of her friends for a ride. All were between the ages of 7 and 14. She was riding in the ditch beside the road and decided to cross the road and pulled up on the pavement real fast right into the path of an oncoming car. Five of the kids were killed instantly and the other one died at the hospital. What a tragedy... What a waste...
Yea C Guy youre so right man. It's easy to take life for granted sometimes. Several months back a friend of the family lost not one, but both of their teenage daughters who were riding with the daughter of a friend of theirs' in a car wreck. Gotta make every day count.
Not wanting to carry on the doom and gloom trail but I had a very good friend recently who's mom remarried. The stepdad did not want the boy (22) to stay at the house with them. His mom was never married after he was born. He had always stayed with her being the man of the house. He was depressed and went for a walk to figure out what to do. He was crossing a rail road track. Tripped, fell and hit his head whick knocked him out cold. A freight-train came bye and I don't need to tell ya the gorey details. Such a nice kid.. Another waste....
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