how many of you have a woman in your life


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i have had my girl for a year and a half now (pretty much after i first started out in Penis Enlargement) and she's been with me through all the bad times and when i was feeling sickly and really not wanting to be on this earth anymore (long story)

she's like my best friend who likes to give head and fuck lol. i do love her and although i'm only 19 i feel like she could be the one for me. so i DID ask her to marry me and we're now engaged. (though the wedding is YEARS down the road. i figure if we last years then we should really be married) it's just that lately i have been fearing that i will some day regret that i didn't have sex with more women. i mean not a relationship but just flat out SEX. i mean my girl was my first and everyone says that i should be experimenting and seein more than one girl. i think that they have told me that so much that i'm not starting to think that they're right and i'm taking it too fast. but then again i can't imagine a future with anyone else. i'm attracted to other women yeah.....i mean come on good lookin women are everywhere and i'm only human

so here i am....19 and inlove with the first girl he ever had sex with. she could be the one, and that's the scary thing too. do you guys understand what i'm saying? anyone go through the same thing?


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Originally posted by samzman
so here i am....19 and inlove with the first girl he ever had sex with. she could be the one, and that's the scary thing too. do you guys understand what i'm saying? anyone go through the same thing?
This is only scary because men have this constant obsession that there may be something were missing out on. Most of the time we cut off our nose to spite our face and lose something that was ideal for us for something that is packages a bit different. Love is a very rare and pure thing. Although it is sexual, and sometimes based on looks that is not the larger part of it. Love is acceptance and understanding. Love is brutal honesty. Love is loving when we don't like. For myself it took 4 women to find this. With Jennifer I don't find my mind wondering to what if scenarios I am in total acceptance of the good and bad. She knows every part of me as I do of her and we love it all without exception. Do not let the right one go...once you found it hold on for dear life.


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thanks man. i know what you mean about knowing all aspects of a person and loving them for who they are. it's very true about the feeling of missing out on something, but really i'm gaining a lot. i think that our relationship is better than a bunch of one night stands. i have hung on for dear life through many tough times in this relationship, and i'm not going anywhere :)


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I completely understand, I've been talking to my girl for a year. I met her on the internet actually, visited her a few weeks ago for the first time. I think she really could be the one as well (we've had sex), but she's just amazing..



Met mine in a bar, popped out a few kids, now we're in love. :)

Actually it did kind of work out like that. My wife was probably destined to be my mate, I don't know what I would do without her.



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yeah it's funny how things work out. i guess no one realy knows how things will happen or how they will unfold until they finally DO unfold.


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I married my wife at the age of 19, (we're the same age and each others first) and have no regrets four years later. (Will be four years in Sept. 03)

You have to know what you want. What you want and not what people say you should want. If you feel that marriage is a trap and your loosing your freedom, by all means don't marry.

But... if you want to dedicate your entire existance to someone and share everything, good and bad, then plan for it and go for it.

I moved to an entirely different state (her family moved and I went with) to be with my wife.

Everyone and their grandmas were telling me to wait, I'm too young, you'll be trapped, it's a mistake, and I appreciated their input because I knew for the majority of 19 year olds they're right.

Most 19 year olds don't know who they are yet. But everyone is different, and different strokes for different folks.

I have no desires to be with anyone else and I tell my wife if she does she's free to go. I only want our marriage to be about wanting to be together not having too.

Yes there are beautiful women in this world, makes for some nice viewing but I hope to die knowing only the touch of my wife.

So the answer to your dilemma is in your heart and in your head. What do you want? Do you want to have sex with others? Do you want her to experience other men?

If you answer these questions for yourself, other peoples comments won't mean much. Always listen, but also remember the persons frame of mind before you heed. (Ie someone says your too young to marry, but they have no desire to spend their life with anyone, they're just having fun, is their opinon valid? Not really because you two want seperate things. Dig?)

Anywho, always remember to communicate. Always communicate.
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If you love your girlfriend you have to stay with, you always know what you have but you never know what you are going to loose.
Sure sex is important but if you stay with her you will have a lot of opportunity to experiment things with her, women are sometimes really surprising and you will have the feeling to have sex with someone completely differrent. If it's the case i can promise that you are not missing anything. The true experience is there.



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you guys are right. very very right. just because you're physically attracted to another woman doesn't mean that you're not less inlove. it's the basic human nature to be attracted to people. but i'm friends with and ATTRACTED to my girl. she's there for me for support and laughter. it's those things that count. and we can both work on the sex end together. we can talk things through and make the sex all that much better. now i'm starting to suggest things to her and everything and the sex is getting to new levels.

i can see a future with HER not anyone else. right now it seems pretty clear that she's the one i want to be with. and all i can do is know what i feel RIGHT NOW. and right now i want her.

thanks guys it's great to know i'm not alone
Everything Falls into place!!! It took me 13 years in a BAD marriage to figure it out! Now it only costs me 75% of my income to realize how bad it was!!! But you know what???? Its WAY fucking worth it, And I'd do it all over again exactly the same.

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