Growing Hair faster


Jun 4, 2003
On my head.. I would like long hair, all I can find is vitamins and shampoos that don't really work all that well. Now I know there has to be SOMETHING out there that will let me grow my hair much faster. It's just I have yet to find it. I'll keep searching though. (My hair isn't thinning or anything like that, I just want it long, faster.) Any suggestions?

I grew my hair long, but I have now cut it cos it got really annoying. I don't know of any Vitamins or Shampoos which could make it grow faster but if you get it trimmed every 4-6 months then it will grow faster.
I have long hair. I take b-vitamin complex, zinc and amino acids. All these aid in hair growth. Cutting hair won't make it grow any faster. Eat oily fish like mackeral and condition your hair to keep it in good condition.
Wow this is old.. *bump* We have many, many more members now, so any new information?

Use conditioners that help prevent hair breakage... this will aid in faster growth, or at least unhindered growth since when your hair gets long, sometimes the ends will split and look bad.

I like using this leave-in conditioner that's for horses, or so they say... it's called "Mane n Tail" or something like that. There are a few different kinds. There is also a nice carrot cream for the hair that you leave in and it helps prevent breakage and makes it all shiny and nice.

I've had long hair for a long time and have been complemented on it by women who say how jealous they are since I'm a guy and my hair is nicer or longer than theirs. I don't know. I think long chick hair looks nicer than long guy hair.

It can be a real pain sometimes, but I'm so used to it now that I won't cut it. I hardly ever see dudes with long hair anymore...I guess they all cut it off once Metallica did. Posers! :p
I think I've heard that eating Jell-o helps. I know it helps your fingernails grow, not that you're aiming for that, but I'm pretty sure it helps with hair as well.
I wish I knew of something to make your hair grow faster. Yesterday I went to the hairdressers..never again they gave me THE SHITTEST hair cut ever! I mean when you say just a bit shorter, the hairdresser must have translated it as "oh, can you please make my head look really stupid by practicaly shaving it all off unevenly? That would be good, thanks"
Yeah, you tell them what you want, then they just do whatever they want. That's why I never go. My hair's fuckin' long, man.... I actually need a haircut since I got a lot of split ends. Last time I cut my hair I did it myself....didn't do a bad job either, but next time I'd rather have a professional do it. At least one that can take directions and not just go off when you say you just want a trim.
I did the long hair thing when I was about 13/14, it was just a big mop head tho, my hair was way too thick. Whenever my hair starts getting longer than a couple of inches it goes completely wild and ends up looking like some wierd afro... Altho an afro would probably look better than a busted ass crew cut.
This seems to be the "age of the crewcut" since I hardly ever see dudes rockin' long hair anymore.
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