case study extremely big problem. HELP SOMEBODY PLEASE....

somehow ive ended here after battling this injury for al most 6 months. im in my 40's . i had jelqed off and on and pumped for a month or 2. nothing serious. felt better, and hung better it seemed. no real serious gains expected. just wanted better bloodflow and quality.

one day, i jelqed a bit harder than i had been, but no pain, and jsut for a minute. next day i pumped and accidentally went more than i wanted. no pain. immediately released and red along the base of the shaft. within the day it was gone. several days later i woke up with a shrunken unit and slight numbess on the shaft. had all hard flaccid symptoms.

was scared, so continued making my self have sex,. after a month or so, it seemed it was subsiding. i still woke up in the morning with a chub. but everything shrank to nothing during the day.then it started seeming like if we had sex more than once a week, it would traumatize everything and destroy my libido and size again.

very sensitive glans with burning /cooling feeling. shrunk all day. no erections. no night erections. then it would come back a week later with her, and we'd have sex again. eventually i figured out we had to quit for awhile. 6 months later, here i am. we just went a month of nothing. i still walk around all day shrunk to nothing. we had sex 2 days ago and it was great, but now it seems to be overly sensitive again. only time i hang normally , is if i lay down in bed awhile. but soon after i get up, its all gone again.

sensitivity/nerve damage, seems likely, but not sure. nothing feels like me down there unless im hard. it doesnt seem like i did anything too hard/painful to cause this, but i obviously did. not sure if this will heal ever, but i cant take any more panic attacks and anxiety. its hard to make it to bedtime every day. its the only relief i get.

it feels like i have half what i did on a normal day now, with no arousal. ive also noticed a constant pressure moreso while shrunken, in my rectum /perenium area,that tightens when i flex my penis. i get decent morning/night erections sometimes, and sometimes not as much. but im sure my anxiety day to day is effecting that . i cannot masturbate to get hard since the 2nd month of this, due to it irritating the nerves it seems on the head. actual sex doesnt irritate it as much, but it still does.

i always have the numbness/sensitivity issue to some degree, but its super bad when its shriveled up and burns. im just not sure the nerves will heal, and i dont know what to do now. im mentally exhausted and depressed. i can barely force myself to work or do anything that involves moving. it lets me know every step of every day what ive lost.
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so. i must have hit a key. on accident. i wish to god that was a real issue to care aBout every day.
Here is how you do this.

This will be a real problem if you change quotes/original post multiple times.
i know how to do it. it was merely an accidental key stroke or somethig. try being me for a day if you want to see what a real problem is like
Don’t worry about it. It was just an accident.

I think the only “clogging” you’re experiencing is your locked pelvic floor. You’re almost always locked while standing, that’s why it feels at it’s worse while standing. It does unlock briefly during urination.

Sleep as much as you can. Do all the things you’re supposed to do, or should be doing, and try your best not to re-aggravate your floor.
PT today. she's confused as i figured shed be. no trigger points she could find. i was shrunk as always. its pretty apparent, ill stay this way until whatever day it decides to let me out again for a couple days of semi relax state. i guess this is the new life pattern. whatever flows inside me is the only time i get any sort of normal feeling . and i really dont even know if thats the way im supposed to feel cause its been almost a year since i know what it feels like. guess that means ill evetuallly get used to it. which is good ,cause it looks like im stuck in no dick land from now on. ill keep doing therapy, cause what else do i have to do other than work. i cant go do anything else cause this makes every activity literally unenjoyable. got zero interest in hanging out with much of anybody either. i ran a mile yesterday and every time i do this , it shrinks to even farther realms of small than you can imagine possible. very dark, and if i touch my leg with it, its cold as ice. awesome. well done idiot.
im just out of ideas and pretty tired. nothig i try seems to kick this. 2 weeks ago i really thought somethig was happenig. now im stuck right where i was again. 24 hr shrinkage is here again. i cant do anything to shake it. which seems to engage the stinging spot again. which wipes out most of my feelig in the glans. and sometimes, its not so much the shrinkage, but the absolute zero life/blood in it,or response to any mental stimulation whatsoever all day.. night erections have went south along with it. no size, no blood, glans doest even seem to fill up much like it did 2 weeks ago.

no amount of stretchig seems to open anythig up ever like it did previously. somethig died in me 11 months ago that day i woke up.. it trashed my drive or somethig somewhere. and ive fought tooth and nail tryig to get it back. and quite often i did. but it seems like the erection stregth and size have fallen off progressively with time. along with drive which started day one. the only thing that seems to hang around is the small tense soreness in my rectum.and needing to poop feels more prominet than it ever has. my penis is just never connected to me any more. maybe ill take a cialis today and see if i get Any response at all. ive exhausted myself totally to death. i have nothing left to give.
Okay, have you use the approach everyone has been contributing yet?
  • Warmth compress and hot shower. This mobilize the blood flow. Japanese like to soak in hot baths to move their blood for similar reason. If you don't like long hot shower or bath, then warm compress for your butt, specifically, your pelvic floor.
  • Do not spend too much time sitting, be driving, couch potato, or even hanging out. If you must sit, you must not cut your blood off around your hamstrings and glutes. May need to invest in special sitting pillows to decrease the amount of pressure off your hamstrings and floor. I sit on one of them right now.
  • Reverse kegels while doing warm compress. Everything points back to warmth, blood flow, and relaxation of the pelvic floor. We're going in circle on the subjects as we all see it.
  • Massaging device for the pelvic floor. If you don't like to carry the pillow everywhere you go, and you may like to sit to do things, how about investing in a nominal pelvic floor massage device? Go back and read the prior post for the devices.
  • Since we can't get and MRI or ultrasound to see what's being blocked, we're stuck. Push for it.
  • Love
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nothing i do seems to help enough to matter. even when it does help. walking around generally makes me feel worse and shrunk except for 2 weeks ago when i seemed to have great flow and libido durig the day. still cant figure that out. once that went away, my size diminished again and my glans sesitivity issues /burning came again, and i just generally feel cut off feeling /flow wise. i know i have a slight nerve issue in the glans, but it has never bothered me too bad when my penis wasnt retracted in this state. sitting used to actually help. at the moment,i thik it only helps cause nothing is beig moved around

last night was weird really. i woke up with my same erection ive had every day for over a week now. it was garbage, small, and most important,the glans wasnt filled. and no matter how much kegeling i did, the glans never swelled at all. fell asleep. then woke up later with a decent chub. even though it wasnt a full erection, it had more mass than before, and mainly , the glans was fat again. and it responded to kegeling as it always has. i dont get it. had a mornig erection this morning(and full size) just layig with the wife as well. and it kegeled well also. now that im up, i dont have much going on other that this dull pressure deep in my rectum when i kegel.

i think my glans on top is missig a little feeling, but i can only notice it when its in this smallest state. walking around with a chub still makes me feel pretty great. but i dont know how to get that life back. and yea, i know this is going in circles. but it really is like that. and has been devastating to my body and mind trying to figure out why
and today really is not all that bad. i have a little over sesitivity issues,etc. but overall that doesnt really effect me that much if my junk is fat and plump as it normally was. but its not. its retracted and very thin and short. and i have almost zero connection with it when its like this. and cant get a single arousal out of it while like this either. i just now pooped cause it was starting to hurt, and i dont even really have to go all that bad. i had cialis yesterday, but ive yet to see any effect from it. i occasioally get the good weird flow feels, when i go from standing to sitting for a few minutes, but i rarely get any farther relief than that from it. a year ago, if id taken cialis, id have felt like a �naked people movies� star all day. it was un real.

my junk is still all in there somewhere. i just cant figure out how to get it out. it was out 2 weeks ago. but something took it right away again. this is what really freaked me out early on. really alot. ive learned somewhere in there it comes back. at least mostly. i try to stay calm about it, but its stayig gone longer and cutting me off more than it used to it feels like. and trashed my sexual interest in anything sexual other than my wife(which is fine by me totally)

EDIT:i take back what i said about today not being bad. i had my normal sensitivity issues today, although a tad worse. after walking for a couple hours, its got me feeling worse than ever. this nerve spot is worse than ive thought apparently. itsalso causing me to tighten up rectal/deep internal penis. when my burning came back last week at the same spot, it was differet. it was actually a spot on the surface i could actually touch and feel the irritation. its always been ghostly, or internal until then. that lasted a day or 2 ,then i cant actually feel it with my finger any more. im not sure if thats a good sign or not, but ive been having a rough time since. this kills me thinking the nerves are stuck like this forever, since next month will be a year from my injury. it seemed it took so long for feeling issues to appear. and even longer to notice any repair happening....

SO... i just ordered a sleeve to wear for the time being. maye im underestimating how much the irritation is affecting me. maybe the nerves cant ever relax to repair while being constantly agitated whether i feel it or not. perhaps thats why i feel things the most in the morning after being at rest all night. and i swear ive had times i had really decent feeling. and it wasnt during times i had irritation going on that day. worth a shot i guess. i have nothing to lose at this point.
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Again, I am no doctor and I still would recommend a 3rd, 4th, and 5th doctor to review your case. I would say that if I were in your shoes, I would be doing 30 min a day with RED + NIR either with MOS-RED | NIR INFRARED LIGHT THERAPY FOR ERECTION QUALITY or a pad. I have seen wonders with this for healing and I would recommend you try that for 60- 90 days and report back.
its in progress. it takes so long to even get in,and they see you for 5 min ,then down the road you go. this takes hours, and months to digest. they aint that interested, i use the red light currently.i cant say i see a difference whatsoever really.
im kinda starting to come around some days, but the feeling really does fluctuate very weirdly. its so hard to to go, i just gotta preted its not there some days. ive been pretty worthless the last week. but then my nightly erections got strong again after the last two mornins of light edging for a couple minutes. but its weird. last night, first iwoke up good and hard, glans wasnt very strong and didnt respond to kegel and had a faint numness to it. . then not long after, woke up with a nother one just as strong, glans seemed fat and had good response to kegel,felt good. . super dumb. then by morning, wake up with nothing going on at all really. which has never been the norm for me
I have never had morning erections but in a way your morning erections are proof you are getting better
i dont know about all that. i pray theres more healing to the feeling and flaccid bloodflow/libido. thats what really gets to me all day. so i can put this nonsense behind me
i dont know about all that. i pray theres more healing to the feeling and flaccid bloodflow/libido. thats what really gets to me all day. so i can put this nonsense behind me
Have you started doing kegels?
no. that does nothing good here
when they work i do
its in progress. it takes so long to even get in,and they see you for 5 min ,then down the road you go. this takes hours, and months to digest. they aint that interested, i use the red light currently.i cant say i see a difference whatsoever really.
Can you please let me know if u use red light daily for 30 min? and for how long have you done this,
i do. have for 2-3 months. no idea if it helps. only 15 min-20 usually
. im doing decent at the moment. only thing that keeps me halfway normal is edging a few min every day, or sex. that has made my night erections fuller, and just general everyday feeling seem ok. my glans is just trying to heal it seems and my feeling is still lacking at light touch. if i ever get more sensitivity things feel like they will improve . its slow going though. im still not ejaculatig. i feel good enough im scared to chance it
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