"Death From Above"...beware the falling ASHTRAY!



Ok, so there I was at a nice gentlemen's club earlier this morning. Talking to a girl (dancer) and watching another girl named "Cocoa" dance on stage. Just totally minding my business and enjoying myself. Suddenly, with a jolt that would cause a Vietnam Vet to have flashbacks, and start screaming about "Charlie comin' through the wire"...I get a nice, hard thump on the top of my damn head. Stunned, I grab my head to make sure I'm ok and not seeing stars. The girl I'm talking to next to me asks if I'm ok as she's rubbing my head (the one between my shoulders that just got assaulted). Come to find out, some goofball on the upper level behind, and about 15 feet above me knocked one of those hard, black plastic ashtrays off the ledge next to him.

I just had to share this moment with the rest of you. Beware! Be VERY aware!


Oct 28, 2003
Shit man that was not good. It reminds me of this scene from movie Trainspotting where Begbie threw a beer glass from the upper level and it landed on some girls head.
How is your head?


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Jun 20, 2003
That sucks. Your story has reminded me I've not been to a good nudie bar in far too long. Maybe I'll go one of these weekends.
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