Jun 3, 2003
Ok well let see i posted a similar thread on another forum that i go to and mod at i changed it up a little(not alot just enuff to be a little dif. at both places ) to be sorta original at both places but any who read the original at the other forum knows it is almost the exact same ...SO on to the tips .........lets see of course we all know about sex ....right ?.....well how much do we know ?.........when most ppl think of sex they think about the actual penis penetration....well thats good but not all!!!!You may be thinking "ITS NOT???!!!" well no its the main goal for most but its not all .....and is questionably the best part (what?)....well if the total act from begging to end is done well and right then the real act of humping is just the icing on the cake .......welcome to the great big world of foreplay ...and i think most girls will agree(or at least the ones i know do )that foreplay is just as invigorating as the actual intercourse itself....there are the obvious acts of foreplay eating and fingering your girl but that is still not all of it....the human body has many many many nerve endings and EVERY PART of a GIRLS BODY is there for YOU to EXPLORE and i mean that is what you need to do explore .......dont just fumble around her body take time and explore her and her both will be glad you did your fingers through her hair smell her hair ..savor the sensuous fragrance of her shampoo...kiss her hair (head)... rub her head and neck ...slowly glide your hands over her shoulders close your eyes and see her with your hands and not your eyes .......rub her back, her legs, her feet ...... let your hands make love to her body (i dont mean her rump or vagina )....right now stop reading and close your eyes can you remember how your girls body feels and smells the romantic curves of her waist ...the texture of her hair .....the sexy arch of her feet....the fresh dainty smell of her in general ???......... (NO????)well let me tell you .....get to know her .....use every part of your body to explore her body ......remember to be a great lover it take more than just a big penis (dont get mad a big penis is def. a plus what i'm saying is dont just rely on jr. down there to satisfy her ..... use your hands ,your arms ,your legs your feet to get to know every inch of her body ....when was the last time you you just blew air on her body (her back her legs her arms ?) give her kisses all over her body and stay away from her vagina rump and tits !!!show her body as much or more attention than her vagina ....use your face and hair to tease her body kiss her fingers and toes ......dont just peck kisses all over her body either make the kisses linger and leave her wanting another remember dont use just your hands ...use your feet to massage her ...once you have all this down to a science then you are on your way to being famous in bed (or at least to her you will be ) once you have pampered her body and move to her vagina dont just use your mouth and hand and penis you know how much PLEASURE you can give a girl with your toes and feet ???? and no i dont mean to try and stick your whole foot inside ...i mean play with her clit use your toes and feet to massage the outer and inner lips of her vagina ........your feet and toes can give more sensations due to the dif. texture comared to your hand or mouth........ in other words use your whole body to pleasure her whole body.... and all of this is good to do in between sessions while you are waiting for junior to get hard again some of you can gain info from this .........

Good post, for sure.

I think that all the women want us to be reminded of this often. It's really rewarding to get to know a woman's favorite areas of skin and flesh.

I think that the measure of my emotional and mental intimacy with a woman is directly proportional to the rapport I have with her physical crazy spots.
Man, Now I'm thinking about my wife, oh my beautiful wife how I love to... Oh Baby.

Seriously, I'm one of the luckiest guys in the world.
Originally posted by believer
Man, Now I'm thinking about my wife, oh my beautiful wife how I love to... Oh Baby.

Seriously, I'm one of the luckiest guys in the world.

Good to see you believer...Thanks for your support
Great post, I think that we all need to be reminded of what our ladies want and need.....
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