1. acromegaly

    forced to upgrade? (warning: graphic details)

    So i finally cracked this x40 extreme and went to go grab my other x40 that i had stashed for just such an emergency, and i noticed that it had somehow cracked as well... I have been completely packing the tube girthwise every day for a while now and i thought that i could gain some length in...
  2. DLD

    Bad Ass LengthMaster Bundle Routine by SuperDick!

    Yo Members, Here is the #2 video In the Superdick Video Saga <iframe src="http://www.slutload.com/embed_player/BVUuH8uhfDt/" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="" style="overflow: hidden;"></iframe>
  3. R

    Pump clamping

    Has anybody tride doubleing a thick rubber band around the inside of a penis pump sleeve? Its more powerful than just a clamp alone.
  4. eugine8plz

    Has anybody watched Elbows 6 week Bathmate review on YouTube?

    So there is this one guy on YouTube named elbow (or so I think) and he does a 6 week review on the bathmate x30 I believe and by the end of the 6 weeks he gained like 2" in length and 1.5" in girth (or so I recall, I haven't watched the videos in awhile). I recommend watching the series if you...
  5. KingD

    Any X50 Users?

    I know the X50 Bathmate has been out for a little bit now. Does anyone have one yet?
  6. F

    New here. Looking for some realistic (I think) gains.

    Hey everyone, I've been aware of MOS for some time but haven't jumped into PE and I would like to change that. I was fortunate to be blessed with a natural 8-1/8" BPEL but not as much in girth at 5-1/8". Obviously I would like to focus on girth. I would love to get to 5.5" - 5.75". Should...
  7. megamike

    Pumping for length

    is there a specific recommended technique to pump for length rather than girth? or is it a smarter idea to stick with length exercises instead?
  8. M

    if I.max out x40 fast

    what do I do cuz it.should be here anyday
  9. B

    my current routine, is there anything else I can do.

    currently doing 5x3 routine with the bathmate, basic warm up stretches and some basic stretches periodically though the day, is there anything else that I can add to help, I dont have much money, if any to put on devices at the moment, I have ordered the vacuvine for the bathmate.
  10. M


    can u plateau from a bath mate like say girth stops will.u just gain.length and.vise versa
  11. S

    Help! desperated and frustrated :c

    Hello, I'm here for advice or guidance, please, I've had a bad experience with penis enlargement, I'm going to read again some of the posts that I had encountered in this place but I wanted to write this too. Look, I really want to have something like a 20 cm/ 8 inches of dick (I have around...
  12. Chaoskampf

    looking for pumps above 2.75 inches in width

    Hi, I am using an UTIMI vacuum pump with 2.75 inches in width and 8.25 inch in length. I want to have a longer cylinder and especially a thicker one. However these cylinders do not exist according to my research. The Bathmate X50 has a nice length but it lacks the width. It looks like I have...
  13. smitty2590

    Bm negative space question

    Hey guys I've saw a few people mention how to much negative space is a bad thing etc and I was wanting to find more info. Just new to pumping and trying to educate myself in every aspect and was having trouble locating a post that specifically describes what the issue is. Also I'm currently...
  14. M

    Hey to the forum

    Hey guys new to the forum. I've thought about joining for a few months but been putting it off. I'm finally ready to make some gains! I've been doing some reading as to what program I will follow. Currently I only have manual work and a Hercules bathmate.
  15. Captain.Thick

    8" BPEL x 6" MSEG and 2.16" wide - X40 or X50 ?

    Hi, I'm currently 8" (BPEL) x 6,1" MSEG and 6,3" BEG, but my width (middle shaft) is at 55 mm (2,16"). I was thinking X40 to be able to completely fill the tube and get some really hardcore pressure, but I'm reading on the official site that the max width on the X40-X is 57mm / 2,25". So...
  16. I

    One year and ZERO gains

    Last year around thanksgiving I received my penomet. Followed the instructions by working into it of a period of 3 months. Used the 5/5/5 method consistently. After around 5 months I incorporated the vacu vin mod. Tried upping the frequency to am and pm sessions to keep the pump. I am 6.5 nbpel...
  17. A

    Help using the snail wine pump for an x30 mod!

    I bought a snail wine pump as I heard this pump fits perfectly over the bathmate valve. I'm having trouble using it as a vacuum mod. Does anybody know how to use this particular wine saver for the bathmate? Thanks
  18. Castiel

    About pumps...

    which is the best...air pump or bathmate?
  19. J

    My new 9 x 6.5 Routine

    Wow! It has been a while since I posted. When I posted my last routine I had a lot of free time and then...I had my daughter :-). Free time gone! In order to resume my PE journey I had to tell my wife what I was doing. And of course like any good wife she said I don't need to do it because she...
  20. Lightning

    The All New Bathmate HydroMax X50 Xtreme Hydro Penis Pump is Here with Discounts!

    The All New, Long Awaited Bathmate HydroMax X50 Xtreme Hydro Penis Pump is Now Here! This New X-50 Replaces the Goliath and is for people looking to Achieve Maximum Penis Gains by Penis Pumping with a Hydro Pump. EXCLUSIVE! Get $140 in Discounts when you Order Exclusively...

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