1. eugine8plz

    Anyone own or have tried a uvipe vacuum hanger?

    I was looking up different models of hangers and came across the uvipe hanger. It seems to be a new company so I'm wondering if anyone has one and can share their thoughts on it. Can't find any reviews anywhere else on it.
  2. D

    .4" growth VacHanging @ 5 lbs in only 4 weeks

    Kids are gone for summer so I have a lot of time on my hands and work from home. I have been hanging 3-4 hrs a day with Vac Hanger 3 @ 5 lbs with heat source. I wasn't really expecting much since I am doing it more for girth (vac hanging acts like a "pump" if you over suck air out) and...
  3. D

    BIB Hanger causing Urethral Stricture? Urologist thinks so

    So I got a very bad UTI (presented no symptoms until it spread to kidneys and then I was in a world of trouble). When men get UTI's it's serious biz. All my tests proved negative (BPH, kidney issues etc) so I sat down with the Urologist to go over what is going on. I told him I penis hang...
  4. S

    LG Hanger - Please post your results/reviews

    I've been away from PE for some time. I"m looking for a quality hanger - something that's comfortable. Previously I've used the Captains Wrench and gotten up to 12.5 pounds on it. I've read some reviews on various sites that state this hanger is pretty damn good - better than the Bib - much...
  5. S

    A new way of warming up!

    I have been looking into different ways of warming up. I have found that using a infered heat source can positively impact the ability for the ligaments, skin, and maybe other parts of the penis to stretch better than just normal heat. It can also help soreness ect. What do you guys think. Have...
  6. D

    Sorry guys but I am a fraud: I lied about PE

    Why did I do what I did? To see what kind of forum this is. I fully expected to be banned by bad mouthing certain products.If I was banned I would realize that this forum was affiliated with products or selling horseshit. To this forum's credit I was not banned and I know DLD read my threads...
  7. D

    VACHANGER: any one gain using lower weights (5 lbs and under) and longer times?

    I can't use this thing safely above 6 pounds. Was wondering if anyone used this thing successfully with low weights and longer time? Any advice?
  8. L

    Head is shrinking?

    Hey guys. I've felt something different with my penis lately. It's like my head is shrinking or something. When I do strecthes I always grip under the head and I usually get really good grip since the head is bigger than the rest of the penis. Lately this good gripping spot has...
  9. I

    Phallosan Condom \ Sleeve Replacments...

    Okay so, I've bought a few replacements here for the PF condoms... Penis Stretcher Products & Natural Penis Enlargement without Pills The large ones were just that, too large... And the small ones work well, but they will need to be replaced after some time, whether due to wearing out or...
  10. P

    GUys my final argument....please help me reach a conclusion

    my flaccid size is 2.5 inches BPFL i have extra skin bunching up around glans so basically all i want is a all day stretcher which 1. fixes my bend 2. isnt visible through pants when i am outside house my options i consider 1. SIZE GENETICS + the tension looks amazing + it is...
  11. P

    which product to buy ??

    i had thought of buying both-the hanger and size genetics extender but looking at other options i am confused between hanger , vachanger3 , LG hanger , size gentics , phallosan forte i am really confused and i want to buy one product for length now as these are costly now...
  12. B

    LG Hanger vs. Bib weight

    I have had a Bib for a few years, I hang up to 35+ lbs max, usually my first set. I am curious about the LG because of the extended time that one can wear and the overall comfort a lot of people have had. My concern is the max weight for LG is 25 lbs. I want to use the Bib as my first set to...
  13. T

    Tbone - ANS (All-Night-Strecher) or Anti-turtle device

    hey.. guys.. I would like to share my ANS (All-Night-Stretcher) or Anti-turtle device. I prefer to look at this method as an Anti-turtle instead of ANS. I am afraid to use high tension GearKeepers. For this reason, 12 oz retraction force is more than enough to avoid turtling during my...
  14. youknowme123321

    VIDEOS & PICS - VacHanger3 - First Time Use

    I tried the VacHanger3 for the first time. I tried it on within 30 minutes of opening it lol. It is very easy to apply. In the first video I didn't use a sleeve b/c i forgot to lol. I also didn't use any anti fluid retention measures only b/c i wanted to see what would happen without it. As you...
  15. M

    Sizegenetics/PeniMaster Pro combo?

    Could the PeniMaster Pro Glans enhancer be used with the SizeGenetics to help me with my glans enhancement work?
  16. Lightning

    MoS All Day Stretcher / All Night Stretcher! Feedback & Beta-Testers Needed!

    That is right DLD and I have decided to manufacture an All Day Stretcher (ADS) / All Night Stretcher (ANS). We want to add something to compliment the power of the LengthMaster for those looking for long periods of stretching during sleep and at work. We need your feedback on what attachment...
  17. C

    LG Hanger review

    Hey guys just got the LG hanger and thought I would put a quick review up! First off i've been in Penis Enlargement for about 7-8 months, I started off with an extender (which was a pain the ass) logged over 400 hours over 4 months and saw minimal gains, then plateaued in FSL, which was the...
  18. C

    Lg hanger

    Hi there I wanted to make this thread to see if anyone has some information on the lg hanger (a new vacuum hanger), as im considering purchasing it. I have heard from some members about it but would like to hear more about it, in terms of comfort durability and effectiveness, and how you would...
  19. C

    Autosleeve ADS vs. Divocup/suit

    Ok so I have been gaining in my Penis Enlargement but one problem that I want to solve once and for all is turtling. I have a prominent foreskin and the best way to explain it is that my penis loves to retract back into it like a caterpillar in a cocoon lol. It always does it and even after good...
  20. K

    Questions about my hanging routine.

    Hello there. I've started a hanging routine about 2 weeks ago, using my recently ordered BibHanger. This is not my first time hanging, I've done it in the past with a VacHanger. However, I did it for a short period of time, like 1-2 months. I had to stop because of the irritation of my penis...
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